There is a frequent poster here who is a very very very famous starchitect... can someone guess who that is?

Feb 13, 18 10:20 am
Tinbeary There there

FOG as Jawknee?

Feb 13, 18 10:25 am
Non Sequitur



Crap, you've got me...

Feb 13, 18 10:50 am

Hey, Winy Maas.​


:) ...interviewed with him once though...


Hahaha Sparking intrigue to the topic. But yeah you'd be my first suspect since you mentioned before in another thread you went to TU Delft, and you're in the Netherlands, etc. :)


I did have a meeting the other day with a guy who sat next to Winy on a plane, Winy even sat in his seat at first...


You caught me... 

I'm Ted Mosby.

Feb 13, 18 12:05 pm

who cares

Feb 13, 18 12:19 pm

Sounds like someone is being catfished.

Feb 13, 18 12:31 pm
Le Courvoisier

Shit. I thought changing my name to a liquor would be adequate disguise.

Feb 13, 18 4:36 pm
Positive Pete

You know how many papers i wrote qouting Le Courvoisier!

Positive Pete

I often qouted in Courvoisier


Balkins is a star, we all know that.

Feb 13, 18 4:48 pm

Other than me?

Feb 13, 18 8:18 pm


Feb 13, 18 8:24 pm

i'd guess patrik, but i don't think he could stand the anonymity and lack of attention.

Feb 13, 18 8:33 pm

Schumacher was posting for a period under his real name, in a thread that called his randian theories into question, if memory serves me well...


Is it Daniel Libeskind?

Feb 13, 18 8:36 pm

he looks good, must have had some work


Daniel Libes-kid.


Kind already means kid in Dutch/German/Yiddish, and Libeskind or rather Liebeskind means love child in German I guess and sweetheart in Yiddish, not sure something like that or other way around.

Positive Pete

I can't name any famous Bulgarian Architects 

(and how does a rumor about architnect develop?)

Feb 13, 18 8:40 pm

I don't even know any famous Bulgarian doormen. And I would like to know who we are talking about here, starting such a rumour without including the starchitect or username is just annoying.

It couldn't be Patrik, he can't get both feet out of his mouth at the same time.

Unless he's posting as JawkneeMusic.

Feb 13, 18 9:03 pm
Positive Pete

define "frequent"?

Feb 13, 18 9:06 pm


Whoever he or she is, if the rumour is true, I hope they're not avoiding the action over in "guess the plan"

Feb 13, 18 11:15 pm

...Greg Lynn or Hernan Diaz Alonso? The first would be casual and chill, the second would be pretty intense...


Neither of them qualify as very very very famous starchitect, do they?


I work in an office of 20+ and I guarantee none of them have ever even heard of archinect. This must be a joke. No offense to the website, I've been here for 10+ years, but if you're chasing work and/or putting together big contracts, you don't have time for posting online. 

Feb 14, 18 12:40 am

Yes, but starchitects have to do something when flying all over the world to present slide shows to students, can't think of a better way to spend time waiting on airports :)

Positive Pete

Patrick schumacher has proven otherwise...and btw some people just that much smarter than this girl once and she couldnt undetstand how i did 100's emails,dozens of calls, a zillion texts,then posted random shit on philosophy forums and still went to bars - she was tryinf to say i have no life and i wanted to respond maybe you are just slow? Most people cant handle more than a handful of items in their daily lives,pretry sure a starchitect would have no problem.

Positive Pete

i will be famous in a decade.  Does that count?

Feb 14, 18 7:27 pm

Who's got that kind of time? Better to be infamous now.

Positive Pete

Architects do

If it's not Brad Pitt I'll be disappointed. I mean I love architects, all of us, even though we all drive me crazy, but frankly I'm more interested in Pitt's opinions on most things <swoon>.

Feb 15, 18 4:25 pm

Aside from a tiny hammer and a couple hundred million Brad has nothing on me.


^ Two famous and (some might say) hot ex-wives?


Tiny hammer? Is he a carpenter too? Brad's a Jack of all trades it seems.


"^ Two famous and (some might say) hot ex-wives?"

Who are both single again, so good luck!

Somebody get the smelling salts ready for Donna

wurdan freo

Hard to tell... but that looks like a finish hammer... plus brads not an Architect...

Miles how did you post that image in a Reply comment? I've not figured out how to do that yet.


(With apologies to Donna) Why is he holding the hammer like that?

wurdan freo

Plus... who wears a watch to a construction one if they're really swinging a hammer...

Positive Pete

Donna. Reply. Thr
n edit reply

He's not really hammering, he's DIRECTING. Because he's from HOLLYWOOD. And he's wearing a watch to make sure the crew gets their mandated breaks because he's CARING. And he's wearing a T-shirt because he's SEXY. You guys are mean. ;-)


I do dig those aviator shades, I must admit.


I'm no1

Feb 16, 18 11:32 am
Non Sequitur

You're something... but it's certainly not a number 1.


no1 as in "no one"

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