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Hello everyone!! can anyone please let me know what exactly UAE Architecture firms are looking from the applicants. 

I am recent MSc Building Information Modelling (BIM) graduate from the UK with strong Architecture (B.Arch from India) background and have a couple of years BIM experience. After my graduation, I applied around 300 firms in UAE but haven't got any positive reply yet (CV, Cover letter & portfolio).

I have graduated from the UK and have a couple of years work experience still I don't know why I am not getting any response.can somebody working in the UAE please elaborate me the method to hunt the jobs in the Dubai.

Jan 19, 18 12:33 pm
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Jan 19, 18 1:08 pm

Apply to a starchitect, Nouvel could be a good start.

Jan 19, 18 1:12 pm
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Jan 19, 18 1:25 pm


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I can't imagine working in UAE with all that inequality all around.  I would feel like a prisoner in that country, always fearful if something I say or do would land me in prison. js

Jan 21, 18 2:18 am

Why Dubai or the UAE in particular? I kind of agree with accesskb. There's kind of an unspoken prejudice towards Asians (particularly South Asians, Southeast Asians, etc basically people of colour) as they see more  superiority towards Westerners (aka white people), if not of their own. And the market there is becoming saturated. You're better off in countries like Vietnam or Singapore, where BIM is much more of use, the market is more diverse and growing, and the firms having better projects. And given India has a strong rapport with Singapore and your UK background (also strong rapport with Singapore), you're more likely to get better offers there.

Jan 21, 18 3:52 am

The only way to get a job here is through a personal reference. Atleast 99% of people hired here are through a reference or contact. The job market here is pretty grim. I myself am an architecture graduate from a local university here and in spite having a good skill set and residency visa of this place, nobody is willing to hire me. I've applied to countless number of jobs since I graduated in 2016 but haven't got any good positive response. If you really need a job here, I advise you should start networking with people working in the architecture and construction industry here. 

Jan 28, 18 10:56 am
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Jan 28, 18 1:08 pm

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Non Sequitur

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