Big Mac (Apple) or Big Mac (Micky Dees)?


Do they all have a certain sameness or is it just me? Blonde wood, overhead lighting out of the early 1960s, employees in uniform (but without the paper hats)...

Jan 3, 18 8:50 am
Non Sequitur

neither.  Double quarter pounder.

Wait, what was the question?

Jan 3, 18 8:57 am

Micky Dees forges ahead:

Jan 3, 18 9:04 am


They all serve crappy product in boxes.

Jan 3, 18 9:19 am

yeah, it's called branding.

Jan 3, 18 12:30 pm

Big Apple!

Jan 5, 18 4:53 am

Just pointing out that McDonalds, of all people, has more innovative, pleasant, and varied store designs than Apple. One Micky Dees I was in north of Vancouver was perched on a hill a couple of thousand feet above a bay with a spectacular view and had a gas burning fireplace.

Jan 5, 18 6:53 am

There are quite a bit more McD restaurants than A stores, the majority of McD's are as horrible as their "food" or worse :)


Which one is the remodel? I have seen more attractive hospital operating rooms than in either case.

Jan 5, 18 8:12 am

Each their own ;) for future reference good to know this is more to your liking:

Jan 5, 18 8:43 am

Imagine the Apple store with the same amount of trash. Remove the clutter and it beats the Apple store by a mile.


But it's the architecture that inspires people to behave in such a way that they think it's okay to leave their trash like that. The clutter IS the architecture in case of McD's.


Gee, when we were sampling winery restaurants in the Napa Valley a couple of years ago we left our dirty plates on the table. Silly us. Guess the winery architecture (which often had won awards) made us do it.


At McD you don't even have plates, think about that...

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