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Hello! I'm developing my render skills as I go through my part 1 and can do photorealistic renders reasonably, but I really hate them... 

I much more prefer the more drawn/painted/collage aesthetic that's about now (see images below). Does the style have a name? And how would I go about rendering cad models in this way? I can't find any good tips/tutorials online. 

Appreciate the help! 

Jan 2, 18 2:53 pm

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These aren't complicated, Photoshop man.

Jan 2, 18 3:05 pm  · 

I'd personally prefer those collage style renders to be with axonometric projections, makes for easier texturing in Photoshop/Illustrator too!

Jan 2, 18 4:00 pm  · 
Get a base render done in vray and overlay textures in photoshop- render it with material IDs to make your life easier
Jan 2, 18 11:44 pm  · 
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That's a really handy tip, I always forget that and afterwards hate myself for not rerendering when going through Photoshop.

Jan 3, 18 2:23 am  · 
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Pier Vittorio Aureli of DOGMA is amazing with his collages. I would look at his work and the studios he teaches at Yale and the AA. It's all collage. Simple stuff yet beautiful. He was a fantastic prof. 

Jan 5, 18 12:40 pm  · 
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Yup, DOGMA is awesome.

Jan 7, 18 4:27 pm  · 
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A similar approach from a recent Small Studio Snapshots via Dedraft Studio. Although it sounds like another architect who has his own company and whom they share studio space with may be responsible, as he "works a lot on digital imagery/CGI, and takes all our photos". Or am I misreading the graph?


Jan 7, 18 11:50 pm  · 

You can look for post digital architecture illustration or architecture collages. Here's a insta post about some offices working with that

Oct 13, 21 1:05 pm  · 

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