May I know what that thing is called. The one that is cracked.
Dec 6, 17 6:40 am
Non Sequitur
Bad paint job? I mean, there is clearly a horizontal joint below the angle, why not align the color split there?
Dec 6, 17 7:40 am

The colour probably aligns with doors in the corridor or something.

Non Sequitur

Probably, silly interior decorators, but still... why not just paint the whole damn thing?


So the space feels higher/less low or perhaps the dark paint is too expensive?

Sir Apple Chrissy

it is structural..the thing

Dec 6, 17 7:42 am

Its a track to manage electrical and Audio/Visual wiriring.

Dec 6, 17 8:02 am
Non Sequitur

Toby, please note that like yesterday's "help" discussion, we're not here to do your homework.  Your question is elementary school level.  If you can tie your shoes, you're qualified to answer this question.

Dec 6, 17 8:21 am

The thing that is cracked is a structural support for the floors above. You should consult with a qualified structural engineer to evaluate the damage and recommend a remediation solution. It will not be a "do it yourself" kind of thing.

Dec 6, 17 10:02 am
Non Sequitur

The OP is a student, as per his own admission in yesterday's post. Besides that, that piece might support something other than the floor, perhaps a beam... or serve as a shear wall capital to mitigate punching shear at the slab. Feeling generous this morning.


Column bracket, but as engineering has improved over past few months, we've realized those are not necessary and you can just use a sledge hammer and punch it out. It will come out at the control joint.

Dec 6, 17 10:26 am
Le Courvoisier


Dec 6, 17 11:08 am

Don't feed the bears.

Dec 6, 17 1:27 pm
t a z


Dec 6, 17 10:31 pm

sorry i don't no

Dec 6, 17 11:05 pm

Sorry, I don't speak English.

Dec 12, 17 5:30 pm

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