Floor plan functionality, ideas?


hello all, 

I thought I’d post it here to see what you - experts guys think? 

Trying to create a functional and compact floor plan for a family of 2 with possibly 1-2 kids. 

What do you think? Should I change anything? 

Thank you 



Dec 5, 17 5:58 pm

Cutting thru the kitchen to get from the entry to the living and dining area?  A bathroom opening directly into the living area?  A homeowner who acts as his own architect has a fool for a client.

Dec 5, 17 6:09 pm

Hi geezertech, Thank you for the feedback. I will definitely rethink the entry and bathroom. The constraints are the width of the block, the living area and the outdoor dining have to be on the northern side (where they are). How would you solve the entry?


you might want to reconsider your alfresco dining, it's too far away from the kitchen.

Dec 5, 17 6:16 pm

Hi JLC-1, Thank you for the feedback! Really appreciate. I agree it is an issue, however, it has to be on the northern side (where it is now). The only way to solve I see is to bring the kitchen closer to that side, which is a bit challenging. I ll try to rearrange things a bit. Cheers,

Yes, you should consider changing some things. Perhaps contact a designer near you and get them to help you? Or a designer not near you. I'm in the SF Bay area, if that is helpful. 

Dec 5, 17 6:17 pm

Hi David, thank you for the comment. Contacting designer is easy. It is more interesting to try to solve the problem yourself, or with the friendly, not criticizing community like you guys! :) cheers,  

I find being paid interesting, because then I can buy things. It is like an economy.


Hire an architect, please.

Dec 5, 17 6:23 pm

There are many clearance issues as drawn, and the proportion of some furniture elements will not function for various reasons. But these are things designers/architects are paid to do.

Dec 5, 17 6:27 pm

Hi David, Thank you for the comment. Could you please give an exact issue? example? Cheers, Art

Hi ArtFeel, Yes, I do that sort of thing for a living. What do you do for a living?

Please whatever you do make it as close to the Lovell House as possible.


That's not a good floor plan.

Hire an architect to work with you and your family.

Dec 5, 17 7:05 pm

Hi Citizen, Thank you for the comment. I can always hire an architect or designer. I just found this wonderful community and thought I'd share my plans with you guys for some constructive feedback and discussion on how to fix issues if there are some: like bathroom proximity to living area, or kitchen entry. If you have some advice to give other than hire an architect, I will be grateful. Otherwise - thank you!

I think you're doing a great job and should build it exactly as it's drawn.

Dec 5, 17 7:14 pm

Thank you Miles!


Turn the table 90 degrees. Peninsula kitchens are not very nice - too small for more than one person.

Dec 5, 17 7:25 pm

Great feedback Tinbeary, Thank you. I will try and give it a thought! Could be an option! Cheers, Art

Maybe crowd source the framing work too.

Dec 5, 17 7:28 pm

beam sizes, too

I'm doing one in de-mountable aluminum. New subject for me.

It could be like the Truman Show. Dear Internet, crowd source my whole life.

Dear internet, please frame me a house in Sweden. Thank you in advance.

Dec 5, 17 7:29 pm

(worth a try)

I'm not sure what a Sweden House looks like these days.

I think you should go full Truman Show on it. Just live stream the whole thing and start building right away.

Dec 5, 17 8:28 pm

Twitter has a Go Live option. Facebook too.

make it look like this one

Dec 5, 17 8:29 pm

leave out the windows too, it looks better

Non Sequitur

Total garbage.

I say you won't learn unless you build it out full scale.  Go for it.

Dec 5, 17 8:35 pm

yes, go for it

go do it

oh I thought you guys said go do it

I would say the specific problem with "the plan" is the crowd sourcing the design of it.

Let's say you had a tumor, would you crowd source the remedy for the tumor? Perhaps.

Or let's say you wanted a custom car, would you crowd source the design of the custom car? Where is the forum for that? How would you get a custom car?

Dec 5, 17 8:54 pm

Because, I sort of want a custom car now. Damn.

Dec 5, 17 8:54 pm

apologies gentlemen I must have misinterpreted the purpose of your community forum. 



Dec 5, 17 9:22 pm

Thank you for sharing your progress. I hope you find someone near you to develop the plan. For houses it is good to work with a local who knows the municipality.



You have a constrained site that you tried to squeeze a conventional plan onto, and you had to make all of the spaces smaller with poor spatial relationships as a result. Just because the queen size bed block fits in the room doesn't mean the room works- or do you plan on sparsely furnishing the joint? 

Work on devising more clever ways to delineate public/private spaces and try to make spaces of a functional size and proportion, while leveraging the structural system to make this an economical and aesthetic solution.

Good luck

Dec 5, 17 10:17 pm

it's perfect actually, don't change a thang.

Dec 5, 17 10:17 pm

(I feel bad but it's in our nature...)

Dec 5, 17 11:00 pm

I don't. Lawyer's get 100% up front.


100% of 0 is 0 .

96% of all matter is unknown


99.999% of everything is nothing.

It's just a hobby, right? Why would anyone get offended by a simple question?

Dec 5, 17 11:13 pm

Make it more like the Rietveld-Schröder house, nothing wrong with being overambitious.

Dec 6, 17 12:15 am

If I have done the dimension conversions accurately, this is a 992 sq foot home. Three bedrooms is pushing it, especially for a couple with no kids. Even if they have kids later two could probably share a bedroom for a while. Use a third bedroom space for a family room/office/whatever area. It could always be reconverted to a bedroom.

In addition to what has been said how do you get to the 'alfresco' dining area when the two outside doors are on the other end of the house?

You do need a front door opening to a small foyer with a coat closet at least. The foyer should lead into the living room. If it is in the budget would put a fireplace between the living and dining areas as a partial divider and possibly swap their locations.  

The one big area for the living room/dining room is nice, but I am no fan of having the kitchen out in the open with them but that is your choice. I would put the kitchen where the upper right bedroom is to be close to the dining area and outside area (with a door to the outside)

Just initial thoughts.

Dec 6, 17 9:24 am

Volunteer, indeed!  :o)

Justin Turdo

Please contact me I can help you design the house of your dreams 

Dec 10, 17 5:36 am

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