Window at the End of a Hallway

wurdan freo

Ok.. Supposedly a Window at the End of a Hallway is a no- no says a client who I'm building a house for. The architects he has spoken with have told him so. Other than someone accidentally walking into it or through it, I don't see the reason for such a blanket statement. Maybe I missed the class on no windows at the end of a hallway, but in this specific instance it improves functionality. Any one care to enlighten me?

Dec 5, 17 1:19 pm

Would need to see the context.

Dec 5, 17 1:31 pm

Windows at the end of hallways are great in my opinion. What do they want at the end of the hallway?

Dec 5, 17 1:33 pm

enlightenment, duh


Enlightenment is NOT found at the END of a hallway! (Its in the fridge.)

Some hallways are more equal than others.

Sometimes when running (in theory).

No enlightenment necessary, the architect is an idiot.

Dec 5, 17 1:47 pm

MIles, that's a redundancy.

Non Sequitur

likely due to some ridiculous feng-shay nonsense.

Dec 5, 17 2:19 pm

I can only think if the hallways is a corridor on an apartment building that it would need to be rated window / wall if it is close to another building or property line. Hall windows, especially in stairways in single family detached homes are common. But if the client want this don't argue it is their house their money.

Dec 5, 17 2:40 pm

One could suggest to said client to consider asking for a 2nd opinion. I do this typically with doctors, or would, if I ever went to doctors.

Dec 5, 17 2:49 pm

Is there another way to daylight the hall and still meet this odd superstition?

Dec 5, 17 3:02 pm

Take the architect out to lunch?

Dec 5, 17 3:05 pm

so you didn't ask why to your client? we may be spinning here for no reason

Dec 5, 17 3:16 pm

Maybe the idea is that for an efficient use of space the hallway would end with a door to the last room served by the hallway? That said, if room space is not an issue I think a hall window would be a strong asset.

There are plenty of instances of windows at stair landings between floors. Those windows are neither first or second story windows but between floors.

Dec 5, 17 3:37 pm

Unless there is something we don't know about the design, or some kind of crazy code issue, a window (or any kind of focal point) is an amenity for a hallway, rather than just a blank wall.

As Miles kindly pointed out, the architect may be experiencing some mental deficiencies.

Dec 5, 17 3:44 pm

When I step out of my bedroom first thing in the morning, the last thing I should be in front of is a window. Maybe a skylight is the better option?

Dec 5, 17 10:36 pm

ok- window treatments ftw

ok but if one happens to be a supermodel, it can be pleasant for others

Oh wait, is the client part of an organized crime family?

Dec 5, 17 11:09 pm

What's wrong with a little light at the end of a tunnel?

Dec 6, 17 2:29 am

side lighting is bad on some humans


Yeah, if you're a two face!

wow, there is a show for every example


Oh, there is a light, never goes out
There is a light, never goes out

Dec 6, 17 2:40 am
wurdan freo

pretty much what I thought... but when the client mentioned "architects" plural... thought maybe I missed some dumb rule along the way. He didn't know why, just that his architects had mentioned it... 

Dec 6, 17 4:58 pm

I really hate to kill a client... but sometimes it's called for. Like here.


dead end corridor...maybe?

Dec 6, 17 5:53 pm

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