Which internship offer do I pick? London or Sweden?

ina vars

Hello Archinect! I am Indian architect, working on my masters degree in Italy.I have been offered an internship position in London with a small firm (composed of around 8 people), doing some really great work. I have other offers from amsterdam and belgium, and one from Johan Celsing in Sweden. I am trying to decide on which firm I should go with.Other than the firm's work, one of the defining factors for me would be to look at my chances of getting a job in the same country, since I graduate soon from my masters. Considering my nationality and the fact that I have my masters from an other foreign country, Italy, what are my chances of landing an architecture job in UK after my internship there? I would prefer UK to any other country because I won't have the barrier of language and living there has always been a dream!  

On a related note, what is the usual pay offered for architecture interns in both countries?

Dec 4, 17 4:23 pm

the one that pays the most

Dec 4, 17 4:31 pm

go with your dream, and wake up

Dec 4, 17 4:41 pm

London will be outside of the EU and that may possibly limit opportunities. Denmark is a small country and is having some sever political push back due to the recent increase in refugees, you could be mistaken for a refugee and face discrimination in Denmark. The UK has a significant number or people from India living there with well established communities.

The language barriers may also be an issue, but it is good to have choices.

Over and OUT

Peter N

Dec 4, 17 5:59 pm

Denmark is not Sweden

That is true, My mistake.


If you want to work in the UK later on, then for sure it makes sense to go there for your internship and build some network. My guess is that salary will be the highest in the UK as well. On the other hand I wouldn't be too much worried about language barrier in Sweden as everyone there speaks English as well.

Dec 5, 17 5:10 am

Go where you want to work later...maybe they want to offer you a full position after your internship and you already being there makes that a hell of a lot easier.

Dec 5, 17 7:20 am

I would go with Sweden, I would be in thermal underwear, but so be it.

Dec 5, 17 12:17 pm

I think I would go with Sweden without an "internship". I would just hang out in coffee shops and see what happens. I've had good luck in coffee shops. M is telling me I am not allowed to join you there and it would be too cold for me anyway.

Dec 5, 17 12:18 pm

Stay away from the UK.

Dec 5, 17 3:15 pm

You stay away from the UK.



In U.K. if you need a visa it would be a tier 2 with min salary threshold of £30k - that salary is only appropriate for a qualified arch with 5 or so years of exper post licensure. Also company needs to be a tier 2 sponsor - unlikely a small 8 person firm will go through this -

Suggest you try Sweden and look at their visa requirements
Dec 7, 17 9:10 am

£30k for a license and five years exp? Dont think too many firms will find candidates at that price point, unless you're way out in the country...


Part 2 or non-ARB salaries as follows.  

Dec 7, 17 11:56 am

Part II in London averaging 28k, over the next 7 years (2 for license + 5 with license) to move up to 30k ?

Dec 7, 17 12:42 pm

My point being that a firm in London looking for a licensed architect with 5 years experience will most certainly be expecting a salary offer over the £30k minimum salary threshold for Tier 2 sponsorship.


Agree - I checked my first post with RIBA salary - per attached 5 yr and <5 year - 

@ina vars describes her/himself looking for internship - with visa min salary think going on in UK it will be difficult for someone outside UK or not coming from UK Uni unless experienced -

Dec 7, 17 12:49 pm

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