do we know what brick pattern this is?

go do it


Dec 4, 17 1:09 am

That's (not very well executed) Flemish bond.

Dec 4, 17 2:38 am

Flemish bond. randomised beat me to it while I looked this up:

Dec 4, 17 2:42 am

What did I win?

a date with Don Rickles


Curious - what is the point of this pattern? Is it anything beyond aesthetic? I'm assuming the short units are split or rotated standard bricks?

Dec 5, 17 5:59 am

The point? To build walls with the thickness of a full stretcher.

Dec 5, 17 7:13 am

This is in part why we all speak Flemish now.

Dec 5, 17 4:52 pm

I'm pheeling a little phlegmish myself these days...

Dec 5, 17 5:32 pm

Hot Toddy


Dec 5, 17 8:20 pm
go do it

Thanks for the info all. While we are at it does anyone have a favorite bond pattern or an interesting custom pattern?

Here is a pic of some patterns. I usually don't care for brick to much, it kind of looks utilitarian to me but some nice crisp brick or block work is nice though.

Cool article Ms./Mr. fictional\-/Christopher 

Dec 5, 17 9:09 pm
About that Flemish bond...

Dec 8, 17 4:47 am

I can't "make out" the angle.


I believe the one lying down is at a max angle of 5 °relative to the ground surface, the one sitting on top has their legs bent at a neat 45 ° with the lower legs at a 65 ° angle with the floor, all the while being perpendicular to both floor and the one lying down. Hope that helps :)

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