Recommend Revit or Rhino for M.arch I-hopeful?

*or anything else you want to add
Nov 30, 17 2:55 pm
Non Sequitur
A good fountain pen.
Nov 30, 17 3:00 pm
form follows gumption

Tried Rhino in school and hated it. Next year I tried Revit and picked it up very quickly. Still use Revit today. People also seem to like Archicad, but I've never used it. 

I recommend downloading a trial version of each. Try to make a quick building/house/massing in each program and see what makes the most sense to you. It mainly comes down to personal preference. You can get all the opinions in the world, but won't know what works best for you until you try them out.

Nov 30, 17 4:13 pm

I started out in school using Maya, then switched to Revit - 

Nov 30, 17 4:31 pm

Use Rhino.  Revit is for producing CDs, or for design depending on how terrible your firm is. 

Nov 30, 17 11:24 pm

Rhino is fine for school but when you want to enter the job market you'll need to be proficient in Revit. 

Dec 1, 17 12:02 pm

Number of Jobs That Require Revit > Number of Jobs That Require Rhino


Why can't you just be proficient in both?

Non Sequitur

I have a helluva time getting my consultants to do Revit... I cant imagine the headaches if it was Rhino.


For quick design stuff and lasercutting, 3D printing, scripting etc. I'd use Rhino/Grasshopper. For producing proper drawings and not having to redraw every single drawing all of the time when something changes, use a BIM-package.

Dec 2, 17 3:59 am

Getting good legibility is so important, seen people drawing 1:1 but print it 1:200, freaking pointless and unreadable, really pisses me off.

SketchUp is the best for base design. My firm always uses SketchUp heavy in predesign and then switches things over to Revit when a design is established.

I learned Rhino and I gotta say, huge waste of time. I regret not picking up Revit more in undergrad, even though I loathe the program from a design standpoint.

Apr 19, 19 8:38 pm

School?  A bit of both, though I suspect you'll end up using Rhino more in school; Revit is more or less expected in the work force (still some outliers in other software: autocad, vectorworks, archicad)..

Apr 22, 19 3:20 pm

learn both, or learn revit and sketchup 

Apr 22, 19 4:11 pm

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