Three weeks in...


Three weeks in and so far I have gained knowledge in three things.

1. Deflection.

2. The science of light and window designs.

3. Entitlement EVERYWHERE I look. I know its a common theme on here, but now I know it exists. 

I seriously have to learn to stand out from the people who expect it to happen.

Enjoying it, in fact I am loving it. 

Oct 20, 17 3:35 am

3weeks in space?

Oct 20, 17 12:50 pm

Yes. It's been awesome.

Oct 21, 17 5:14 am

You have an Archinect School Blog, already? If not, you should start one!

Oct 28, 17 10:05 pm

Congrats! Sounds great - keep it up.

Oct 29, 17 5:46 am

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