HELP --- Changing from architecture to...??


Hey guys! 

im an architecture student starting 3 year or architecture school... with a little background.. i started studying architecture in what is in my acountry the equivalent of an "ivy league School" for achitecture... mid second year, i started having some anxiety problems and my levels of stress was up to the roof... i thought it was the very intense system in which every project needed to be delivered in 2 weeks... later i decided to change universities to a more "relaxed" one... which is true, it is more relaxing but my anxiety and stress levels havent decresed in any way... me and my therapist are working on indentifying what is causing me all this Anxiety attacks (problems breathing and vomiting up to 11 times in less than 2 hours) and we discovered that is actually the studio classes, i like the creative part of architecture but i hate when u have to actually spend 24 hours modeling something on Sketchup, and 34 hours more on AutoCad.... even opening autocad makes me anxious... i feel like im not happy anymore, my mood is decreasing... and i dont want to get depressed....

Guys in conclusion... what you architects out there think i should do? 

Keeping in mind that i change universities thinking about it wasnt studio but the metodology there, and in the new University im still having the same problem.... Should i change Career? What career you guys think i can transfer credit from Architecture? i dont want to dump 3 years of architecture to the trash... im a very creative person, i like photography, design, art history and art overall.  I feel like i really dont want to be a CAD monkey... SOS...


Oct 17, 17 4:36 pm

1. What do the (3) aptitude tests (that you should take) say you could be good at doing?

2. Get a journal and start writing down things when they occur to you. That way you can remember to do them instead of whatever it is that you do.

3. If I was in your boots and could go back into time I would either be in a band or go help Bill Gates/Steve Apple in the garage...

Oct 17, 17 4:58 pm

Give less fucks.

Oct 17, 17 5:35 pm

I just found out one architect I worked with 20 years ago went into patent law.

Oct 17, 17 5:49 pm

there you go

Be the honey badger

Oct 17, 17 6:22 pm

Check out Archinect's "Working Out of the Box" series, profiling architects that have successfully transitioned into successful careers in other industries.

Oct 17, 17 7:12 pm

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