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I have been offered an interview (that looks positive) for an administration job in a local architecture studio, nothing fancy but I am seeing it as a foot into the door of getting day to day knowledge of how this business works. 

Currently I am working 4 days a week with a Thursday off for University, this would only be 3 days a week on a similar hourly wage. I am thinking the drop in money is worth the hit for the gain in experience. 

Would you agree?

In two minds because money is important but so is gaining that experience I crave!

Totally hypothetical at the moment, I might not get the job :-).

Oct 16, 17 8:57 am

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Yes. Good experience.

Once you see how it works you'll stop all this foolishness. 

Oct 16, 17 9:09 am

I will have withdrawn my enrollment by the first sunset!


If you think you can take the hit financially, go for it.  It gives you a better look at the industry and might open some doors.  It will let you put an A/E firm's name on your résumé going forward. 

Oct 16, 17 9:14 am

It is a decision the wife will make!


You'll also have an extra day to study ;)

Oct 16, 17 9:15 am

Very much so, It would make a huge difference.

Non Sequitur

...and you'll have access to a bunch of ready-made details to copy/steal for your assignments.

Oct 16, 17 9:17 am

I will certainly have a helping hand for a little inspiration I would have though.


If it was 4 days a week, it would be a no brainer. 

Oct 16, 17 9:40 am

If you can afford it, definitely do it!  If it turns out not to be financially feasible, may be there is some odd jobs you could take up to make up the difference?  I wish I had been smart enough to get some experience in a firm prior to graduation.  The best people in my class had worked in a firm!

Good luck!!

Oct 16, 17 9:48 am

We are not exactly doing great with me working 4 days a week, but we have both agreed to a long term plan of a career change so my other half would be ok with it, whichever way I decide to go she is on my side. A little odd job on the side would be a god send though. They are certainly out there!


It is a good idea. Especially if you can move into a tech position after some time. For odd jobs... I shoveled snow for extra cash one winter. It is early in the morning on-call and pays well for just a few hours here and there, plus it's good exercise.

Oct 16, 17 11:05 am

I am a long long way from them even letting me touch a computer. I just want to be in and around it all.

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Do it.  Having an architectural office job on your resume is a major advantage over the recent grads who don't.  

Exposure to the admin side is also a good thing.   Most students and recent grads are clueless about the administrative tasks that are a major part of office operations.

Oct 16, 17 11:13 am

I think it would be a great advantage to see the admin side and how it works. Nothing moves without paper so to speak..


If you're planning a career change, is it out of architecture?  Or just your role in the profession?

Oct 16, 17 7:34 pm

It is into architecture. I have just started a AT degree at 37 years old. Complete change in direction for me.


Interview Saturday morning. All sounds really positive. I am excited about it, hope it all goes to plan. It sounds like a great place to work. It would be a perfect fit...

Oct 23, 17 8:29 am

I got the job! I feel like its a great opportunity. 

Thank you for the advice. 

Oct 30, 17 4:25 am

Congrats, good luck and enjoy!


Thank you. I am very nervous about it but I think that is probably normal. 

Oct 30, 17 9:39 am

Back to my old job. Went for my first day Monday  - turns out hes gone to prison. 

you cant write this shit! 

Nov 8, 17 3:49 am

I believe the expression is "You can't make this shit up." The extended version is "Nobody would believe it."


Welcome to the club.

Johnny Cash also went to prison.


Completely new to me this one. Oh well....

He did a cool concert at Folsum late

Oh, I just realized it is I thought it was a play on words.

Nov 8, 17 4:07 am

See it as both to save confusion. 

Nov 8, 17 4:48 am

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