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I am just about to finish my first year of a 3D Design Degree and I have realised that I would like to get into architectural visualisation. My course is mainly focused around animation but it does have some subjects on modelling, visual effects, compositing and motion graphics. Would you think it is best to stay with this degree or to leave with a diploma and get a degree in Interior Design (I can transition to this course with some credit points at the same uni). 

Would having an Interior Design Degree help with architectural visualisation? I would assume it would cause of the software being used but I could be wrong. Do interior designers usually produce high quality renders of their work?

Thanks for all the help.

Oct 16, 17 2:48 pm

Maybe.  A lot of the construction methods and history curriculum in an interior design program will not be of interest or use to you strictly as a renderer.  If you have good rendering skills, though, you may do really well in the interior design program.  It would also help you understand interior space and finishes and communicate well with your future clients/co-workers.

I know a couple of who are working in architectural visualization that had undergraduate degrees in architecture or interior design.

Model-based rendering is a significant part of practice nowadays, it is both done in-house and by outside subcontractors.  There is usually post-production in Photoshop as the end product is usually a 2D still image.  There are specialist businesses that only do renderings for other design firms.  Animations and VR are the next frontier, so I suppose your current course of study should be useful in the future.

Oct 16, 17 4:19 pm

When making content like its good to have a good knowledge of the terminology used by the architect. Getting used to your particular software choices and having a good library of props, cars, foliage and figures is a must. Of course you will get quicker at changing 2D or 3D plans into fully finished renders the more you do it. 

VR rendering quality has become astoundingly good. So being well practiced in workflows to create this kind of content is becoming more something you should be able to offer. It also offers instant production of a walkthrough animation where the camera follows a path.

As well as the traditional 3D packages meant for general animation work which can be put into harness to produce a wide range image quality there are now a new breed of architecture specific packages that come with in built libraries of objects to dress the imagery you're producing. They take advantage of new more powerful GPU technology to create glossy content quickly.

Feb 9, 18 2:12 pm

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