I am a while away from this but...


...wanted to see how Revit models found their way into really spectacular backgrounds and scenery. 

I have googled and found how to add backgrounds, either using the Revit standards or uploading your own, but it still seems like quite a jump from that to these kinds of finished images. Can anyone give me a link or a place to look so I can read up on this please?

 Image result for amazing revit renders

Image result for revit

Image result for amazing revit renders

Some of the rendered images you see are just perfection and makes you worried that anything short of this just isnt enough.

Although I am sure that it is mostly piss and wind (English expression) and if the mechanics and technical side isn't right then the fancy images mean nothing, but WOW they are spectacular. 

As always, thank you.

Oct 4, 17 7:14 am

Renderings can be done with HDR and HDRI backgrounds.  But most of these are probably edited after the rendering is completed to add the lens flare, sun spots, backgrounds, etc. 

Oct 4, 17 8:10 am

Thank you. They look amazing! 

Oct 4, 17 8:15 am
Don't feel like your personal work needs to look like these. They're mostly used for marketing at big firms who spend weeks making them or pay an outside rendering company. No one will expect student work to be of this caliber. With practice you can certainly achieve this look but be warned you may find yourself in a render monkey pigeon hole at a firm if your renders are flawless and your actual designs aren't fleshed out with drawings.
Oct 4, 17 8:47 am

So best to be a jack of all trades and master of none? I certainly see where you are coming from. If I could do that, why would I be doing anything else. It would get old quickly.

Non Sequitur

Joe, that's probably the most valuable advice ever given on this site.

When you're first starting out yes be a jack, wait til you've got a few projects under your belt and you have a better idea what you want to do before mastering specialized skills. The licensing process inherently forces you to learn a little bit of everything. But nowhere in the licensing requirements must one make pretty renders. Drawings with measurements and details are the crux of contract documents not colorful images.
Oct 4, 17 9:51 am

Thank you. The skill is in the detail.

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