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casement window construction step by step?

Sep 26, 17 10:01 am

Sep 26, 17 10:13 am

that is a new method is it? thanks man you are so funny:)





Non Sequitur

extra lazy and stupid


So gasser you clicked the link? Hahaha


step 1: don't ask archinect to do your homework

Sep 26, 17 1:24 pm


Sep 26, 17 1:44 pm

New posters are too lazy to even ask proper questions these days.

Maybe we're over complicating this.  Maybe the OP is after something a bit simpler.  I shall attempt to address:

Walk up to the window.  

Grab the handle that doesn't look like a crank.  Flip it upwards to unlock the window.

Grab the handle that looks like a crank.  Turn crank.  If you turn the wrong direction, it doesn't move.  Turn the other direction. 

Reverse process to close. 

Sep 26, 17 3:09 pm

Get some wood, shape it into a casement window.

Sep 26, 17 4:08 pm

I always like cutting down old growth trees that are sized about 10" wider than the width of my window frame and cutting them to size and shape from there.  I'm glad I'm not the only one David Curtis.

Sep 26, 17 5:57 pm

In Fairfax, CA there is a great lumber place with tons of salvaged wood. I go there sometimes. But my neighbors always have so many projects going there is always leftovers.

We also have a big problem with trees dying because of the decade long drought. Lots of trees coming down in my 'hood.


Here in Atlanta, right after the hurricane, I was awe-struck as to the amount of fallen trees that were being hacked into 2ish foot sections, that could otherwise be made into some amazingly expensive lumber stock.

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