All black dress sense?


Why do modern day architects wear all black, or dress in a monochromatic way?  

Sep 23, 17 10:43 am

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Perhaps they lack imagination, and a willingness to be themselves? Why do photographers always have them pose heroic with arms crossed? Sheep. Because sheep.

Sep 23, 17 11:03 am

Architects wear all kind of fancy hipster clothes these days. But the all black comes from the 1100s.

Sep 23, 17 11:35 am
Non Sequitur
I have plenty of colourful dress shirts.
Sep 23, 17 12:08 pm

it's an affectation from the art world. 

[nose in air] "I wear black, therefore I am an artist.

Sep 23, 17 12:18 pm

Therefore I am black.


An all-black outfit showing every speck of dirt and drywall dust will help you look extra-stupid while visiting jobsites.

Sep 23, 17 1:07 pm

I don't wear black all the time, have only one black sweater, never worked for or with architects that went black monochrome all the time and was never taught by one either, except this one guy who was from an American Ivy league background, maybe that's where it's more common?

Sep 23, 17 1:30 pm

Not just architects.  Designers, techies, "hip" CEOs, really anyone who wants to appear stoic and cultured.  

As I type this I realize I the only two items I bought while shopping the other day were a black sweatshirt and a black running shirt... 

Sep 23, 17 1:42 pm
Too poor to afford other clothes
Sep 23, 17 2:20 pm

The funny part is of course that it's so funereal.

Sep 23, 17 2:46 pm

I have white stripes on my black today. Eye-catching.

Sep 23, 17 6:44 pm

To stand apart from the hoi polloi, of which they secretly know they are a member.

Sep 23, 17 6:48 pm

Yeah, it hides the dirt.

Sep 23, 17 6:58 pm
Black hides the coffee stains and spills
Sep 23, 17 7:08 pm

winner, winner, steak dinner


Architects are generally petrified of colour. 

Sep 24, 17 6:49 am

Everyone sees color differently, it is a losing proposition


Many men are color blind. So sad.

To distinguish ourselves from interior decorators, after all we are designers, not decorators.

Sep 24, 17 10:00 am

keep telling yourself that


Every day I spend pouring over 4.XX sheets, I proudly remind myself that I'm also an exterior decorator!

Non Sequitur
I rocked a pink dress shirt with a blue shark pattern to site last week.
Sep 24, 17 11:22 am

in grad school I noticed how one of the more popular profs seemed to always where a black turtleneck and then after a while more an d more profs did the same......and then the students started to when I noticed this ....I balled up my black turtleneck and rarely ever wore it again so as not to appear to be a sheep

Sep 24, 17 5:26 pm

I'm a fan of the grey/black wardrobe mostly because I went to a school where khakis were the standard. It didn't help that dye colors took a dive for a number of years.

Now I play the game of wearing a hint of day glow color on special occasions- to see if people are actually paying attention.

Sep 24, 17 10:00 pm

Grey is my fav. It lets me get on with things. Color takes too much thinking.

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Just reinforcing this so we are all clear on this part of the dress code - NO KHAKIS!!!

I had one pair but I set them on fire


I have a pair of khakis, I break them out when I want to look nerdy.

I save color for hats

Sep 25, 17 12:14 am

Just no pleats in the pants please. Any color is ok (except khaki). I think really dark rich blues are under represented, probably because they don't go with black. I have blue suede shoes, like the song.

Sep 25, 17 9:02 am
Non Sequitur

I wore white suede shoes last friday along with a purple shirt and a vintage (stolen from father's wardrobe) navy sport jacket. Today, it's a red shirt with Tim Burton era batman logo cufflinks.


Nice! You win.


Reminds me, I need to pull out my purple suede coat. It's suede season.

Non Sequitur

What colour are the buttons? They better be ornate and golden.


They are not. Sorry to disappoint. Good idea though. I can look into some button covers. The ones on it are purple to match.


My first day of studio class I wore yellow pants and a pink batman shirt, all from the Goodwill.

Sep 25, 17 9:04 am

What's wrong with khaki?????

Sep 25, 17 9:14 am

Nothing if you're Indiana Jones.

Non Sequitur

khakis are for the engineers.

Khaki is designed to blend in with a desert. In a city, they just look ridiculous. Like you got dropped out of a plane.

Basic uniform style.


Dark blue jeans, bright trainer or fancy dress shoes, black Calvin Cline classic crew neck t -shirt shrunk in the wash to the correct size. 

Not sure if this qualifies as "dressing in black" but its my go to everyday attire. I throw a sport coat on if I need to.  

I think the idea behind most people in the all black, at least for me, is to have a "capsule wardrobe"  It's one less decision in a long line of decisions I have to make on a daily basis. The shirt and pants I want are always clean because I own ten of them. I believe you only have so much bandwidth for decisions in a day. Why waste it on what your wearing? 

Sep 25, 17 12:35 pm
Non Sequitur

...but on the flip side of that statement, if picking clothing in the morning is do demanding on your available mental bandwidth, perhaps you need to reconsider priorities.


I prefer to put that time to working out and preparing breakfast for my family. It's not that there isn't bandwidth but prioritization. Maintaining a stylish wardrobe also takes more than just picking out clothes in the morning. You have to shop, try, buy, and repeat seasonally. I have chosen one set, I can order online I know it works and I spend that time, money and effort on myself and the things that are more important.


It's so flakes show. 

Sep 25, 17 1:21 pm

So dress better to distract from poor hygiene habits?

it is more pleasant for others

Would all (supposedly) grown up men please stop wearing short pants? Thank you.

Sep 25, 17 2:19 pm


Non Sequitur

already done.


Define short pants?

Anything higher than the ankle = instant disqualification.

There is a guy at Autodesk who literally wears only shorts. Every day.


this go slightly higher than the ankle, am i approved?

why do you think you need approval? (imagined analyst voice)


because you said = instant disqualification, and I WANT TO QUALIFY!

I blame short pants, and global commerce


Sep 25, 17 3:18 pm



Im already black, everyday for the past 39yrs so i jus wear shorts and v-neck t-shirts

Sep 25, 17 4:41 pm



And flip flops too?


If it was socially acceptable, I would wear a black cape.

As is, I have 3 identical black suits (and a charcoal grey one), three weeks of identical white button-downs, 1 week of black-button downs, two black blazers (and one grey) and a whole grip of black and dark grey chino pants. It makes everything from laundry to shopping to appearing quietly condescending much easier.

Sep 26, 17 11:20 am

Why would one care if it is socially acceptable?


Exactly, I mean look at your hat ;-)

Hey, I got a compliment from Yellow Thunder woman on that hat. Totally socially acceptable (when it counts).


I take it all back :) With the right attitude people can pull off basically anything, even khaki short pants...

I wear all black sometimes, but it's only because I'm feeling like Johnny Cash. 

Sep 26, 17 1:00 pm

I have a vintage two LP of him still in the plastic. I don't have the heart to open it.


Very valid reason. If you'd also sound like JC that would be even better.

When I sing Get Rhythm in the shower, I do sound just like him.


Heh, when graduating, all I had were what qualified as church clothes, and a tux. I replaced some of the tux pieces with a black shirt, wore my black boots, and went to interviews. It supposedly worked in my favor because when I finally started work a few months after graduating, multiple people remembered me from my interview as the "johnny cash kid". I heard comments like "Oh, I'm glad we hired cash" or "I was hoping we'd see you again Johnny" for the first month or so. Suffice it to say, 1st week on the job, I dropped about a grand on a new wardrobe.


If it was socially acceptable, I would wear a black cape.

They're not socially accepted? Looks mighty fine to me.

Sep 26, 17 1:19 pm

You're right. Maybe I've just been lazy in searching.



If I were a bit slimmer and a lot richer I'd go for it, looks really fashion forward.


Black and grey, everyday. Colorful scarf, everyday. Red shoelaces, everyday. Why? Because fuck you.

Sep 27, 17 9:26 pm

that's the spirit

Sir Apple Chrissy

I wanted to buy all same shit and wife said NO.

So then I decided tailored shirts with company letter on them at cuff and even purchased a suite jacket with "Company Name #1" at interior pocket (a jacket worth more than most young architects monthly salary) and blue jeans, black shoes, funky socks, done.

But it appears I need to now work on my image so I can charge more, I practically never wear the Jacket because it cost so damn much, maybe I need 3 more in case I ruin one in the field and have to wait 2 weeks for repairs....

Sep 27, 17 10:05 pm

I think one needs to work on proposal language to charge more.

Sir Apple Chrissy

I'm pretty Peter Marino charges a lot more than me, it's about the gettup


Quite the fancy wardrobe for Al Bundy ;)

Sir Apple Chrissy

For Al Bunday I make a lot an hour! (Assuming clients pay)


invent an app called "Pay Up" where app calls and leaves messages and writes letters to remind deadbeats to pay, then never work again, just collect proceeds from the app. Wear pajamas all day like a true modern worker.


Check out some of the mid/ low end custom tailors. I think you are in NYC? I use Enzo Custom, they have a branch there. Super 120 wool suit half-canvassed is like $500, comes with embroidered name on inner pocket and you choose fabric, lining, etc... Buy 3 then actually wear them. I spilled waffle syrup on one of my suit jackets the other day and the wool is just so damn good it just beaded up and ran off. Would have straight up ruined a cotton or poly jacket


Will the Pay Up app also deliver horse heads to reluctant payers? Then you got yourself a gold mine! I'm already wearing pyjamas the entire day this week, it's been very busy at work.


And Chris, I hope I didn't offend you with the Bundy's just that I read yesterday that your wife married him.


Yes, horse heads. Severed horse heads. Good call.

Sir Apple Chrissy

I am not offended ever, just annoyed occasionally by the existence of stupid humans. But is amazon delivering the horse heads via drones? (Thanks archanonymous)


That would look effectively sinister; dozens of drones carrying severed horse heads flying around town


Yes, drones will carry the horse heads.

Sir Apple Chrissy

the future.

Drones need to learn how to shift their rider stance on high speed motorcycles. Not that I want to help them...

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