Portfolio critic

Hey all,

Would love your views on my current portfolio.


Sep 22, 17 3:00 pm

Hello, I looked at it. Now I am going to go get two books. The number of times I have hired someone based on a portfolio = zero. The one person I collab with, I met that person at a firm so I got to see how she works.

Maybe do a video of you working on something?

Cheers. DC

Sep 22, 17 4:07 pm

I would recommend making it a GIF so it plays and loops automatically on all devices.


Hey David, Thanks


So much text yet your contribution to those projects remains unclear to me. Also can't really tell the difference between academic work or professional, it never really goes deep enough or becomes concrete enough. Is URBANFRAME perhaps just the name under which you do some competitions by yourself? The only workplace where you describe your personal tasks and role more precise was your internship, but you don't show any worksamples of the work you did, why? Also, your CV is unnecessary long for this stage of your career. Most often the CV should fit on one portrait page, max. two, so you can send it as a separate file and is easy to print.

Sep 23, 17 2:11 am

Hey randomized, Thanks for your valuable feedback.


They're more questions than feedback but you're welcome I guess, good luck with the job hunt or commission hunt!

So.. I agree myself as its a test run I thought let's give it a shot with text to explain the whole process. But clearly it's not helping.

And yes..Mentioning of specific roles and responsibilities...Going in right now.  So as this portfolio is specifically towards job applications..The idea was to show previews of what all varieties I have worked on and for interviews I have a 2nd detailed portfolio which I use to go in deeper into the projects. Urbanframe is a new name of the firm I work for as we are re-branding it, in addition to that I founded a platform where multiple events take place where by opening the office on a city level engagement.

as for CV, well thats a perspective , i dont entirely agree with the point "unnecessary long for this stage of your career". But thanks anyways. hope now i answered your questions. :)

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