Finding an employer who is willing to sponsor a visa in NYC


I was working in NYC as a junior architect for 1 year on my OPT, but I had to leave the firm because my H-1B visa was not selected.

I am looking for a company that can sponsor a J-1 trainee visa right now and then an H1B visa next Fiscal Year. I know this is going to be difficult since I have worked in NYC.

Do you think I should come to NYC while looking for a job? Some firms may want to meet in face to face and do not consider doing Skype interviews. Also, foreign address on my resume may be a deal breaker.

Please let me know what you think.

Sep 20, 17 5:36 pm
If you can use a local address that is ideal. Many firms will explicitly state locals only as things move quickly and if you are selected for an interview they'll want you to come in shortly after. If you can't come in within a few days there's a line of other hopeful applicants who can. Nyc specifically is overrun with inexperienced recent grads looking for work who don't have the visa as an additional hurdle. It's not impossible but it's certainly not easy. While your previous NYC experience will help ultimately it's a long game of luck and persistence.

Many places are hiring across the country. Have you considered broadening your applications to other less overcrowded cities? Just a thought.

Another option is to target firms lead by people with some personal link to your Alma mater and or country of origin - they often tend to be more understanding of your situation and thus more willing to sponsor a visa.

With a consistent stream of applicants in your same situation it may take some time to get sponsored - but if you're persistent and patient you will increase your odds over the years. You really need to be in it for the long haul and want to completely commit to living and staying in this country to get through the miles of red tape and endless waiting to make it happen.

There is no specific firm known to sponsor visas and if there is or was they tend to get red flagged by the visa program as it is against the rules to favor a foreign applicant over a national for a job. In fact employers have to prove there isn't a domestic worker available to fill the role in order to apply for the visa. In architecture this is rarely the case, though with a robust job market currently, your odds are about as good as they could be.
Sep 20, 17 9:46 pm

Where are you from? Maybe look for an office in your home country that has an office in NY so you could transfer. Or target offices like that in other countries that are easier on the whole visa thing. I know plenty of people who transferred to the NY offices of BIG and OMA this way.

Sep 21, 17 2:11 am

Hi all.

I am working on my OPT period in Manhattan city, New york and have applied for STEMP ext. but my current firm does not sponsor the H1-B.

I am having a tough time to look for a job where they sponsor. Is it a real deal breaker for the firm to select the employees seeking for H1B?

Please advice.

Dec 10, 19 5:02 pm

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