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I work for a residential firm and I'm hoping to get some publication advise. Which of the architecture and interior design magazines would you hold in high(est) regard for publication for your work for residential sector?  Thank you for any opinion. 

Sep 13, 17 8:29 pm

It depends on the work. Mind you, it's not up to you or your firm to get published unless you pay for it, but it's normally up to the editors of those magazines if they believe the work is "worthy".

I'm a big fan of Mark Magazine and Pin-Up myself, not your typical magazines though.

Sep 14, 17 12:44 am

It pays to be published in magazines that potential clients actually read.  Start with local newspaper home and garden sections and local home design magazines (the local magazines are usually an unstated pay to play thing, so plan to buy advertising in the magazine in order to be published).

In the big leagues, I would aspire to be in Dwell, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Robb Report, Wall Street Journal's WSJ Magazine and the like.  The key there is to invest in hiring superstar photographers to shoot your projects.  The photographers are tight with the magazine editors and can get your work in front of them.

Sep 14, 17 10:20 am

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