Simplest Plug In Software To Make Photo Realistic Renderings With Sketchup


Any Suggestions for the simplest (shortest learning curve)  and least expensive plugin software to turn sketchup  modles into photo realistic renderings

I am not looking to make renderings to compete with the best out there. I just need to create decent Photo realistic renderings without spending a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of memory.



Sep 12, 17 5:49 pm
Non Sequitur

Then don't bother at all.

Just play with visual styles and photoshop.

Sep 12, 17 6:08 pm

Or hire a render monkey. 

Sep 12, 17 7:01 pm

Is that something that can be done? kind of projects? Probably do it for 70c. Crazy times we live in.

3D studio add on app for Sketchup. 

Sep 12, 17 9:12 pm


Sep 13, 17 1:34 am

Kerkythea for Sketchup.

Look up Alex Hogrefe.

Sep 13, 17 4:59 am

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