M. Arch Programs w/ Digital Fabrication & Computational Design


Hey all, 

I am looking to apply to programs with a focus on the digital side of design - Digital Fabrication and Computational Design. It appears that GSAPP, UPenn, and MIT are among the top school with this focus - is there any other program you'd all recommend looking into?

Also- Any thoughts about the M. Arch program at Carnegie Mellon?


Sep 12, 17 2:40 pm

There are couple but the schools you said along with Pratt , Sci Arc & Michigan. 

A lot of the teachers do float around between these fabrication / parametric schools so you might see familiar names.

Sep 12, 17 8:16 pm
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Maybe try posting in 'Academia'. That way people not interested in your prepubescent noodling wouldn't have to wade through it here. 

Sep 12, 17 9:13 pm

Poke around The Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture. You might find some names and/or work associated with schools that interests you.

Sep 12, 17 9:26 pm

This is perfect. Thank you!


For any one else interested in the space, here are a couple more organizations that were super helpful during my research:

SMART GEOMETRYRobots in ArchitectureAssociation for Computer Aided Design in Architecture


Search these. These are what I'm looking into as I'm also interested in getting into the same degree. They're all outside of the US, cheaper options (excluding London) and have reputable faculty and curriculum as well. 

Switzerland: ETH Zurich DFAB

Spain: ETSAV / CODA Parametric Design in Architecture

France: Design By Data (it's in Paris)

Germany: M-CDC (University of Applied Sciences in Detmold, Germany)

Germany: ICD ITECH

London: Architectural Computation at the Bartlett (UCL)

London: EmTech, DRL or Design & Make at the AA

Nov 16, 17 8:46 am

for Eu don't forget IAAC and university of struttgard

Apr 1, 18 6:26 am

However coming back to the US, I have been accepted  SCI Arc (EDGE in architectural technologies) and University of Michigan (MS in digital and material technology)

They are both great schools and I am a little confused as to which would work out better for me.

I am very interested in exploring what mass customization, in terms of architecture, may mean for us beyond the aesthetical / envelope explorations. I am interested in fractal growth and how human data could inform the spatial organisation. I am very interested in coding, especially seeing architecture as a user and context fed data system. 

Let me know what your thoughts are. :) 


Apr 1, 18 6:28 am

Both of those schools aren't very good. They have high acceptance rates because they are largely seen as a waste of money. If you're interested in coding get a degree in EECS instead.


i want to do masters in parametric architecture. Can u suggest me Universities for it..?

Oct 19, 19 6:12 am

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