M. Arch Programs w/ Digital Fabrication & Computational Design


Hey all, 

I am looking to apply to programs with a focus on the digital side of design - Digital Fabrication and Computational Design. It appears that GSAPP, UPenn, and MIT are among the top school with this focus - is there any other program you'd all recommend looking into?

Also- Any thoughts about the M. Arch program at Carnegie Mellon?


Sep 12, 17 2:40 pm

The one that isn't flooded.

Sep 12, 17 2:44 pm

There are couple but the schools you said along with Pratt , Sci Arc & Michigan. 

A lot of the teachers do float around between these fabrication / parametric schools so you might see familiar names.

Sep 12, 17 8:16 pm
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( o Y o )

Maybe try posting in 'Academia'. That way people not interested in your prepubescent noodling wouldn't have to wade through it here. 

Sep 12, 17 9:13 pm

Poke around The Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture. You might find some names and/or work associated with schools that interests you.

Sep 12, 17 9:26 pm

This is perfect. Thank you!

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