Dropout or Stay?


Hey everyone, I am facing a dilemma of whether I should dropout or stay. I am now finishing my second year in my undergrad and am worried its not what I want to follow due to financial reasons. I live out of home working a casual job 3 days a week and don't want to be finishing my Masters at the age of 26-27 and then start making so coin, money that I've heard is not the great for what you put in. I enjoy what I do and am one of the top students in my year so I am worried I will regret the decision if I move back home and get an apprenticeship as an Electrician or so.... To add to this I don't want to enter  a field thats going to keep my indoors my entire life and not use my hands, as I have done work experience and had mixed feelings on it. 

Just wondering if anyone took the jump out and now regrets it or if they stuck in there and don't regret it? 


Aug 22, 17 7:35 pm
From the comments it would seem most regret it. See other posts about the regret. And as D.C. Would say, "yes everyone should quit"
Aug 22, 17 7:43 pm

I should also add Im from Australia


Aug 22, 17 8:11 pm

If the only reasons are financial you'll probably regret it later on. This field can keep you indoors and not work with your hands besides clicking the mouse and tapping the keyboard, if you let it. But it's not a given. There are plenty of architects out there that get their hands dirty and breath in plenty of fresh air on a daily basis.

Aug 23, 17 2:32 am

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