Eclipse 2017!

So who's going, and to where, and what are you using to view it?

I'll be at work tomorrow but plan to go into the parking lot at 2:30 with a pinhole box over my head, like this:

(You guys, I'ma 50yo woman. My concerns about looking dorky are zero.)

Don't worry about the $700M in "lost productivity" that the economic theorists are yapping about. The moment of totality, both physical and spiritual, will make you feel good, which will make you more productive in better ways.  

Enjoy the show, and the moment of the whole country saying "Whoa!" together but for a good reason - SCIENCE!

Aug 20, 17 7:49 pm

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parking lot.  my office something like 99.7% of totality, so i might drive north a half hour and watch from the side of a road somewhere.

with nasa approved paper glasses from amazon

Aug 20, 17 8:03 pm

While I am not technically in the path of totality, I will be so close to it that it would be near totality. It'll get dark like night time during the eclipse. I'm at the beginning in the continental U.S. Just grab some arc welding glasses. LOL! 

The shade 14 level.


It's a joke but actually, those plasma arc welding glasses would be at the level to handle an eclipse but then they are much more expensive. It's cheaper to do the indirect approach where you use a box. It's cheapest to just watch it on TV since you would already be paying for TV service anyway so no new additional expense.


"While I am not technically in the path of totality, I will be so close to it that it would be near totality. It'll get dark like night time during the eclipse."'d think that but it turns out totality is pretty all-or-nothing.


Yeah. It wasn't as dark as I would have thought and even the simulator did a horrible job at simulating how it would look. They could have done a better job of that. It did darken somewhat but maybe like if a cloud came in front of the sun but the sky was clear. I did manage to use the old hole in the cardboard trick and let the light cast to the ground and it allowed for seeing the effects of the eclipse.

I've seen about the same effect of the eclipse when a helicopter or aircraft came in front of the sun. LOL.

oh well. We got TV and videos that will show what it looks like.

I'm going to view it through a nice craft beer

Aug 20, 17 8:11 pm

Also, listen here to some perspective on the importance of sex during totality (at 32:35).

Aug 20, 17 8:13 pm

I am WAY ahead of you

the view party is at a public school though

LOL David, please don't get arrested...but if you listen to the podcast he says that we need to throw away these woo-ey notions that sex is magical and mystical and can bring about some kind of global harmony, totality or not.

I think craft beer at public school is the next big thing

won and done williams

Oh please, if you want your child to get into Hogwarts, you have to be getting it on during totality.

In other words we're all doing the eclipse wrong?

The restaurant was out of Bloody Mary, the bar is being redone. I took the opportunity to ask they upholster the bar front and disconnect half of the Bose speakers. What are these restaurant owners thinking?

I mean, I'll do the box thing but I'm not really interested in watching the eclipse itself *happen*. I want to see what the sense of darkness is like in the middle of the day - I'm in like 92% totality.

Aug 20, 17 8:14 pm

Also, you guys know there's another North American total eclipse in 2024, right? So consider this one a dress rehearsal. Whatever you get wrong this time you can correct in 2017.

Aug 20, 17 8:35 pm

Those living in the south part of Illinois lives in the sweet spot for this and the next total eclipse.


I've got a few years on you, Donna.  And I'll never forget waking the house up laughing at SNL when a... similar event was discussed.

" ...there's this drive-in movie theater, and they were showin' this X-rated French movie. And I was just ridin' along, when all of a sudden, peekin' through the trees, I saw the world's biggest buttocks! Two big cheeks that was bouncin' over the expressway. I thought I was gonna die! There it was in living color, a total rectal eclipse! "

Aug 20, 17 9:33 pm

citizen, I have a distinct memory of my sister's face as we laughed at that skit. Rosanne Rosannadanna. Loved her.

Sadly, these are a house pair and I won't be there. Pin hole headset for me!

Aug 20, 17 11:09 pm

you should wear those all the time, I would

I'm going to take a nap during the eclipse and then either bowling or boogie boarding

Aug 20, 17 11:31 pm


Aug 21, 17 1:38 am

i terrified to look at it.  Even with glasses.  I have an irrational fear of going blind...

Aug 21, 17 3:35 am
won and done williams

Fear of going blind by staring at the sun with some glasses you bought off Amazon? Sounds quite rational to me...

On the fence

Cloudy where I am at.  Would have been about 90%.  I guess it will just get eerily  dark

Aug 21, 17 9:28 am

Yeah, it's looking like it's going to be cloudy in my city too. Oh well.

I have a deadline at 2, so the sky is going to start looking like a really bad omen.

I take Mondays off


It just dawned on me that the news tomorrow (or even tonight) will likely have stories of folks that looked with unprotected eyes and will suffer retinal damage.  It's a shame.

Aug 21, 17 12:30 pm

Of course there was!

wurdan freo

Stimpy you EEE-diot!

Aug 21, 17 2:12 pm


Was it good for you?

Aug 21, 17 2:15 pm
It's not cloudy here and the quality of light is soooooo weird!
Aug 21, 17 2:20 pm
4 minutes to derp eclipse!!
Aug 21, 17 2:22 pm
I mean DEEP
Aug 21, 17 2:22 pm

I want my money back.

Aug 21, 17 2:29 pm

Worth it just for the bizarre quality of light, like when movies are set on alien planets. And the shadows! Little funny crescents everywhere. And seeing people all over the city outside expectantly. So worth it.

In 2024 Indy is smack in the middle of the totality. Can't wait!

Aug 21, 17 2:31 pm

it was awesome!, it got colder here, and the light was like being in a dream with 90% 

Aug 21, 17 2:38 pm

It got colder here, too! So bizarre.

White Walkers are here.
Aug 21, 17 2:50 pm


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won and done williams

Sad to see it go. It was weirdly unifying at least for an hour or so. 

Aug 21, 17 4:28 pm

It was not sunny in Philadelphia, but plenty of people went onto the balconies of their office buildings to peek at it anyway.  I'm with jla-x, I didn't end up looking at it, just watched the shadow come and go.

Aug 21, 17 4:32 pm

we had clouds so we watched on NASA

Aug 21, 17 6:36 pm

I fired a client for my b-day

Aug 21, 17 6:40 pm

so to recap: when something blocks a giant ball of fire it momentarily gets darker and cooler in the path of the shade

Aug 21, 17 7:25 pm

also, cicadas chirped.  it was awesome.

Aug 21, 17 7:33 pm

I think I see it, nope, oh wait, there it is....

Aug 22, 17 7:50 am

he's doing that hand thing when he makes fun of deformed people


I hate eclipses, was supposed to see totality some years back with a bunch of friends in France, only to find out last-minute my "friend" offered my seat in the car to some girl he fancied. I have never been happier of a cloudy day since, they didn't see shit.

Aug 22, 17 9:40 am

My girlfriend and I rode our bikes the 15 or so miles south into the path of totality. We happened upon a golf course that had a breakfast bar set up, and enjoyed the celestial phenomenon with a couple of bloody marys and a hundred or so random folks from around the state. 

It was absolutely incredible. Indescribable. I really didn't expect to have such a reaction, but honestly I was near tears. Not even sure why, I'm not a very outwardly emotional person but it's such a powerful sight and I was overcome. I'm so glad we put in the effort to see it. Friends & family in Portland - in the 99%+ zone - reported it got a little dim, but nothing close to what we experienced.

I took some great photos and a timelapse that I'll share in a bit, once I've had a chance to edit & upload.

Aug 22, 17 6:12 pm

Please share.

Aw, tduds, that's a great story. Glad you had such a good experience! And biking there was brilliant!!

I stayed here and worked yesterday, taking a break to see the partial eclipse with the rest of the office on the roof. My parents still live in the house I grew up in, which is located in path of totality and I didn't take the opportunity to travel and see it there due to various reasons. TBH, I regret that decision. It was cool seeing the sun more than 90% obscured, but I should have just put up with whatever inconvenience I would have had to deal with and gone to see it in totality. Oh well ... next time I'll have to make a trip. 

Aug 22, 17 7:17 pm

As promised, my photos.

Aug 23, 17 2:00 pm

Very nice.Thanks. I got goosebumps just from the pics I can only imagine how it felt it person.


Great pics. Nice job. I didn't look directly at the sun due to obvious concerns of injuring eye sight. The process of restoring eye sight is an expensive pain in the butt process. I put a hole in a cardboard sheet and let the light pass through the hole and project to ground. However, to verify that the eclipse was happening, I very VERY briefly looked at the reflection of a significantly tinted side window of a car. Only enough to verify that the eclipse was happening given it wasn't getting as dark as I was thinking it should have given how close to the line of totality. Brief in terms of significantly less than a second. The tented windows and absorption factor of it was enough to reduce impact on eye for such a short brief look. Eyesight in good shape. Less impact than if a person looked at a light bulb directly for a second.


Cool story, Rick.


totally worth it to go 40mi to see a once-in-my-lifetime event near my home (my pics don't capture it) -- 1:11 of totality (we didn't go to the actual line itself [would have been 2:00 long]) seemed short but intense

invisibility of the moon before occlusion

strange twilight clarity vs dimness in the lead up

noticeable temp change

shadow bands were a cool surprise

bright, intense white corona

everyone near us got quiet in the last minutes of partial and starting oohing/aahing & cheering during the totality

realizing how ridiculously bright the sun is on the daily

i set up a gopro to get a timelapse but wasn't smart enough to consider its autoexposure would minimize the differential lighting, so it showed a field of people moving around and then a wink out at the totality

Aug 24, 17 12:36 pm

anybody noticed birds didn't fly when it was darkening?

Aug 24, 17 5:10 pm

well, birds aren't always flying in the area regardless so it didn't make any noticeable difference in the day.


On the contrary... as soon as the total eclipse started a bunch of ravens exploded out of a tree behind me, swooped around the sky for a minute, and then fled back to the tree when the sun came back. It was bizarre.

Sir Apple Chrissy

went to the roof, a worker had a welders helmet handy, we saw clearly through the welder's helmet.

Aug 24, 17 9:15 pm

For my Eclipse 2017 experience, drove to Montana and Wyoming; Absarokee, Fishtail, Tippet Rise Art Center, Gillette and Douglas.

The full totality and getting dawn/dusk, "night-time" all in one day was pretty sweet. Traffic back down I-25 not so much...

Aug 27, 17 10:35 pm

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