Do you use building physics in design?

Try this quiz: and please share with more building design professionals!

Please download the interactive PDF via the link to get started.

Aug 16, 17 4:20 pm
Non Sequitur

Familiar enough to put together multi storey projects AND tell when my P.engs or sales rep are full of shit.

No quiz required.

Aug 16, 17 4:35 pm
Le Courvoisier

Nope, I use magic and liquor.

Aug 16, 17 4:56 pm

that and lawyers


I often use gravity and the other ones.

Aug 17, 17 4:22 am
Tinbeary There there

I use quantum as well as Newtonian.

Aug 17, 17 4:35 am

I always quote Einstein's relativity formulae as a response to critics telling me to mind the context.

That or...Koolhaas' oft misunderstood quote: "Fuck context"

Aug 17, 17 6:20 am
Plattenbauer Pete

yes when didn't work on phone for me

Aug 17, 17 7:25 am
wurdan freo

Who needs physics when you can spec sky hooks!

Aug 17, 17 10:11 am
Non Sequitur

sky hooks are too expensive... I have to spec on performance basis now and always end up with cheap knock off hooks.

the buildings use physics, and engineers I collab with use physics, and since I studied physics and build models, it has become part of my creative process, so yes

Aug 17, 17 10:30 am

America will be number 1 in the physics!

Aug 17, 17 11:58 pm


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