quick replacement of autocad blocks in photoshop?


I am rendering a site plan where I have same tree repeated over and over again in autocad. Those trees are as simple circles as blocks in autocad. This means that if I change the radius of one circle, all the tree circles change automatically of that particular instance. 

. Now, I want to replace those circles in photoshop with tree. Replacing them one by one is taking time. Is there a quick way to replace autocad block trees of autocad in photoshop with a different tree jpeg so that work time is saved?

Jun 3, 17 4:08 am
Non Sequitur
Is the PDF rasterized? If so, no, there is no way. Autocad blocks don't translate to photoshop.
Jun 3, 17 7:33 am

Well, the only way I know of transferring an autocad plan to photoshop is a raster method only. I mostly take a pdf in photoshop and it rasterizes it. 

If it is not possible, is there a smart way to put trees in photoshop as specified in the autocad drawing instead of slogging one tree one by one over the autocad drawing?

Jun 3, 17 9:07 am
Non Sequitur
Not really. Redo the PDF illustrator.
Jun 3, 17 9:19 am

Without custom scripting no.

Jun 4, 17 12:55 am

Thank you for sharing this information. Most of all I like working with Photoshop, this is the most convenient tool. 

Feb 6, 19 8:54 am

I just recently learned how to do this using

Feb 7, 19 11:58 am

omg- importing autocad drawings in photoshop what a headache. Use illustrator

Apr 1, 19 7:06 am

You can contact to learn

Jun 20, 19 4:29 am

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