quick replacement of autocad blocks in photoshop?


I am rendering a site plan where I have same tree repeated over and over again in autocad. Those trees are as simple circles as blocks in autocad. This means that if I change the radius of one circle, all the tree circles change automatically of that particular instance. 

. Now, I want to replace those circles in photoshop with tree. Replacing them one by one is taking time. Is there a quick way to replace autocad block trees of autocad in photoshop with a different tree jpeg so that work time is saved?

Jun 3, 17 4:08 am
Non Sequitur
Is the PDF rasterized? If so, no, there is no way. Autocad blocks don't translate to photoshop.
Jun 3, 17 7:33 am

Well, the only way I know of transferring an autocad plan to photoshop is a raster method only. I mostly take a pdf in photoshop and it rasterizes it. 

If it is not possible, is there a smart way to put trees in photoshop as specified in the autocad drawing instead of slogging one tree one by one over the autocad drawing?

Jun 3, 17 9:07 am
Non Sequitur
Not really. Redo the PDF illustrator.
Jun 3, 17 9:19 am

Without custom scripting no.

Jun 4, 17 12:55 am

omg- importing autocad drawings in photoshop what a headache. Use illustrator

Apr 1, 19 7:06 am

Not really. It is to some extent possible using Smart Objects and replacing theri contents, but quite generally this is something you might rather want to do in Illustrator or other programs that deal with "objects" rather than just pixels.

Sep 18, 19 8:52 am

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