Herzog & De meuron's Hamburg concert hall Roof


Anyone know anything about Herzog & De meuron's concert hall roof disks?...  Does it have a function? I couldn't find anything online about them. At first I thought those dots were fiber-optic cables to bring in light. But I don't think they are..

Jun 1, 17 3:31 pm

Expensive "ballast". 

Jun 1, 17 3:45 pm

Functionless, hideous, and x10 over budget (€789m).

A perfect score: three for three! Bonus points awarded for being 7 years late. 

Jun 1, 17 3:45 pm

No idea. I'm able to draw similarities to RMIT building in Melbourne tho, the circular glass panels were suppose to perform lighting control functions but like any vain art pieces, it could barely work.

Jun 1, 17 5:48 pm

looking through The Plan issue 096, which features the Elbphilharmonie with an essay by Michael Webb... He refers to the roof as "the fifth facade of eight concave surfaces" and that's it. The section detail through the roof reads as follows:
1- Roof comprising circular micro-perforated aluminum "sequins" of different diameters, sub structure of Ø 3 1/2" (90mm) steel pipe profiles, 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 " (90x90mm) steel box beams, steel pedestals, waterproofing membrane, 7 1/8" (180mm) impact-resistant rigid insulation, vapor barrier, insulated corrugated sheeting

I doubt it's kosher to reproduce the section drawing here, but judging by the cited spec and the photos - you can clearly see that these discs are not for filtering light at all (filter it to what, the waterproofing layer?) So my guess is these are purely ornamental elements. The roof plan looks pretty trippy, too - like a circle packing algorithm gone awry...

Jun 1, 17 7:44 pm

Thanks. The disks appeared to be more than what they actually are... very expensive decorative "cover board".


When I saw it I thought it was a way to incorporate solar panels. But maybe I was wrong. it looks kind of cool though

Feb 25, 20 6:53 am

Frisbee roofing aside, there's something satisfying about a shaped form rather than just scalloped parapets hiding a flat roof.

Feb 25, 20 6:30 pm

seems like a good way to break an ankle

Feb 25, 20 6:43 pm

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