Swing door hinge help


I'm hoping someone can help me. I am after a hinge the same as the images. from what i can understand they are used on high traffic, crash through, polyethylene type swing doors. They have a non hold open function and a hold open function. The hinge is adjustable. I believe they are a helical type hinge with a double spring in side them. A lot of companies use them I have found a lot of images on google images which is where i got these ones but am really struggling to find the manufacturer or a supplier. They suit a 15mm door blade with packers up to a 40mm door.

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

May 28, 17 8:27 pm

a cafe hinge?  the hold open would likely not be part of the hinge.  that should be like a closer at the top of the door.

May 28, 17 9:40 pm

Hi yeah the cafe style hinge is the old bomber type hinge these just don't last. We have had problems with these hinges for years. These are proving to be the hardest hinges to find. Thanks for your advice though


How about an impact door manufacturer, like Eliason?

May 28, 17 9:42 pm

I have checked their site out thanks, they only do top and bottom pivot style hinges. Other companies do a similar hinge but aren't stainless such as spenle


We have been trying to find out what type of self closing door hinges we have? If anybody can assist with identifying this hinge, I would greatly appreciate it!

May 20, 18 6:56 pm

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