Any ideas for a Trump library?


With the possibility looming for an end to Trump's presidency - any ideas for a library?

May 18, 17 12:18 pm
Joe Brewer

Would a dumpster with an eternal flame on top be too on the nose?

May 18, 17 12:40 pm

global warm-y


as long as it is coal powered


He'll probably just steal plans for the Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Want to Learn How to Do Other Stuff Good Too

May 18, 17 12:48 pm


May 18, 17 12:49 pm

Built in Saudi Arabia. Or perhaps Vladivostok.


May 18, 17 1:07 pm

Whatever it looks like on the outside, this will be the interior ....... but, of course, the books are just for show, since it's clear he never reads anything.

May 18, 17 1:28 pm

his best work

nothing a spray can of gold paint can't fix

Considering these things get built with private funding, it will probably be in Moscow.

May 18, 17 1:36 pm

Not to get into politics, but are you really buying into that?


God I hope you mean buying into the idea of getting built

Buying into some sort of cooperation in the attempt to alter the election? Yes. For the other part I blame Fox News and other media that slowly turned the masses from critical thinkers to a mob afraid of its own shadow and anything different. The anti-intellectual bent the country has had the last 30 years worked for the GOP. Besides, I'm sure he has some retail spaces in his towers that need filling.


Have you seen his WIFE ????   

I doubt he cares about a library.    LOL

No Viagra Needed.......... EVER.

Best President since JFK. 

(had to delete this joke, sorry, it was a REALLY good one too, but I know the post will get deleted for sure)

OK seriously though...... I'd vote for another CASINO.  A Trump Library just makes no sense, doesn't even sound like fun.  There should be a Clinton & Bush House of ill repute though.... at the end of the tour Dick Cheney shoots you in the face for free and Hillary cackles and keels over from a brain seizure.  

Watch the trolls come out now.   :-)

May 18, 17 5:30 pm

"have you seen his wife?" do you live in a hole under a bridge behind a dumpster ?


I have seen his wife. Sounds like you need to look in a mirror and ask yourself what you believe a wife's role is.


confused, wut does the previous comment abt her looks have anything to do wit accusation of me demeaning her "role" as a wife & flotus? as far as looks she's nothing to rite home about


"Have you seen his WIFE ???? I doubt he cares about a library. LOL No Viagra Needed.......... EVER."


Seems to suggest what a wife's role 'should be.'


^ Only troll here seems to be you.

But please continue, shit's hilarious.

May 18, 17 5:38 pm

Fahrenheit 451 themed brass faux French panels with 1984 mirrors everywhere for snorting coke

May 18, 17 8:31 pm

How to make a library expressive of an admistration bereft of knowledge ?

Maybe exactly like the Beinecke, but with black marble that allows no light in, and the glass cube in the center would be either empty or filled with just the covers of books, with no pages inside them.

May 18, 17 11:02 pm

Already been done: G.W. Bush Library by (appropriately enough) Robert A. M. Stern.

Vapid historicism and nostalgia. Apropos here too.


Well those two comments make me think maybe the route would best be to go ful
Albert Speer on it , classicism stripped down and on a ridiculous scale


Or it could simply be Boullees cenotaph for Newton...just an empty tomb for all the purged knowledge.

May 18, 17 11:04 pm

A building that looks like a pair of butt cheeks with a phallic and ballsacks jammed between the cheeks with a motif of trumps face on the other side with an open mouth that can be also a giant scale fountain. 

Sorry, did I say that out loud.

The only book in the library would be the book "Art of the Deal". 

May 18, 17 11:49 pm


May 19, 17 12:43 am
May 23, 17 2:20 am

Pretty sure he will say something like "books are gay" and propose a presidential hotel and casino in vegas instead.

May 23, 17 2:41 pm

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