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Just a question for any who has had their residential work photographed: How do you go about staging the home? I am just talking about a small remodel at this point with a pretty small budget.

Do you hire a staging consultant?

Do any photographers include this in their package?

Do you use the owners own furnishings?

Do you provide your own or some combination of the above?

And most importantly where does that little black bird sculptural piece come from?

May 1, 17 12:43 pm

Yes to photographers. No to staging
Yes, our own
Again, our own, lol

May 1, 17 12:51 pm


Not the one we use

Yes & no, depends if they have worthwhile stuff

Yes, when needed

Depends on whether you or the owner has one

May 1, 17 4:10 pm
Wood Guy

Do you hire a staging consultant? I've done it with or without help. It turns out I suck at staging so if you can afford it, I recommend a staging consultant. Some photographers are good at it, some aren't.

Do any photographers include this in their package? Yes, most that I've worked with have someone they like.

Do you use the owners own furnishings? Yes, and if their furniture is bad it affects my desire to photograph their project. I know of projects that were photographed before the owners moved in and all the furniture was brought in. That seems ideal, but expensive, and I've never been in that position.

Do you provide your own or some combination of the above? Sometimes a few items. At minimum I buy a couple of flower arrangements, fresh bread, wine, or something else to bring life to the kitchen, which will seem sterile without something on the countertop. If you're going for the sterile look then disregard. 

May 3, 17 8:37 am


May 3, 17 1:42 pm

Allow me to give my humble opinions:

Do you hire a staging consultant?  No - I've worked with them and honestly they seem to want to take it over the top.  Where they have been helpful is renting furniture and renting a lot of props they seem to have the magical ability to talk to shop owners and get rental deals.

Do any photographers include this in their package?

Why not?  Unless we are speaking of a very refined National Ad or as before a lot of furniture needs to be rented - that takes days of pre-production and a stylist will be more efficient.

Do you use the owners own furnishings?

If it works however it normally doesn't have a continuity among all of it's collection, this is why a scouting day/walk-through is so important to see what can work. It's your design so you know the feeling you're after in regards to style and color.

Do you provide your own or some combination of the above?

Yes Please!  Colorful flowers, stylish vases, decorative food that can appear natural on a counter top.  We all value empty space and space that we can use however the 2-d photograph will see that empty space as a void.

And most importantly where does that little black bird sculptural piece come from?

Honesty it does come from the stylist, they are the ones who have their eyes open at all times knowing what store locally to hit when needed. That said artist's flee market shops and second hand antiques shops

hope this helps

May 3, 17 1:45 pm
David Eichler

For advice on mostly or completely furnishing and decorating the home, what you really need is a talented interior designer, imo. 

I think it is rare that photographers arrange for staging the home. Usually that is the client's responsibility, though a photographer might recommend that the architect contact certain interior designers. However, I suppose anything is possible for the right fee. :-)

Using the owners' own furnishings can be an option. It depends upon the look that you are going for. Also, bear in mind that removing the homeowners furnishings to replace with something else can add substantially to the cost. In the end, I guess it depends upon your budget and how important the particular project is to your portfolio, as well as what the homeowners will permit. If using the homeowners' furnishings, then, rather than an interior designer or stager, what can be very helpful is a photographic stylist, who helps with any rearranging of the furnishings and adding some decorative touches where appropriate (floral arrangements, throws, maybe some different pillows here and there, etc.). Photographers can often recommend stylist and may be more likely to arrange for one themselves than for interior designers.

I can't tell you where the little black bird comes from, but I think it needs to be moved 4 inches to the left for this shot.

Jun 21, 17 9:37 pm

The Eames House Bird?

Jun 22, 17 10:59 am

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