Anyone knows the workshop held by Simplyarchitect for ExAc? How was it?



I recently received a message via LinkedIn from introducing workshops for the ExAc 2017. I briefly searched online and found no reviews/comments about this workshop. Has anyone taken the workshops help by them? If so, how god or bad it was? 

I am planning to take the ExAc this year, and looking for study guide/courses at this moment. This one seems the only one I found in Ontario. It is quite expensive and I am 4.5 hours away from Toronto, so don't want commit the four trips (four workshops in four weekends) and be disappointed...

Experiences/comments would be appreciated.


Apr 21, 17 11:05 am

Interesting. Following this thread as I'll write my Exac's in the next few years. I've always found it very odd that the AIA exams had plenty of different study and prep materials/courses, but Canada doesn't. If you get any more information please post away!

Also - those were some of the most spectacular stock photos I've ever seen.

Apr 21, 17 11:52 am

I emailed them asking more details...Looks like the company just starts this year.


They are a new company indeed. And I haven't seen anyone in Canada offering such organized study groups for some reason! 

I'm interested to know more if anyone got a deeper review as I'm about to register with them. And I like to see their price cheaper but I think its still reasonable and better than most of Canadian training companies.

Anyway, we shall all start studying from now whether we register with them or not! lol.

May 29, 17 2:26 pm

The price looks reasonable... I just signed up with them. will see how this goes... 

May 29, 17 2:56 pm
Non Sequitur

^how much are they charging? The ExACs are not difficult at all.  I can't imagine paying anyone for a study session.

May 29, 17 4:53 pm

I signed up with them. It cannot replace studying, but I hope it fills the gaps that work experience does not fill. Good luck all. 

Jun 14, 17 9:26 am

I find the hardest thing for the study is the lack of a "standard" or "official" study guide & materials... ExAc website lists tons of reference. Finishing all of them may take years... 

Do wish there's a local study group that help each other....

Jun 14, 17 9:49 am
Non Sequitur

the exac are not your typical memorization exams hence why there are no official anything. This is not high-school and all those "reference" should be common to you by the time you're able to sit for the test. If 4 straight-forward competence exams are too much for you, perhaps think again if you're truly ready.


I keep hearing that one cannot prepare for the exam through typical memorization. I just find it hard to believe there is little in the exam that can't be studied or understood by opening a book.

Non Sequitur

There is plenty that can be studied officially. Primarily both volumes of the Canadian National Building Code and all 3 volumes of the Canadian Handbook of Practice. These alone will cover 2 of the 4 exams but very few questions can be answered simply by memorizing. In fact, they even allow you to bring in your own code to the code exam complete with post-it and margin notes . One of the main problem with the EXAC is that they allow interns to write them when they have only accumulated 50% of the minimum licencing hours... and because of that, plenty of folks have not seen projects from design development through CD and CA.


Anyone interested for a ExAC study group in Toronto area?

Jun 16, 17 3:10 pm

I am Intrested.

Please email me on

Aug 3, 17 3:40 pm

I am Interested, 

Aug 17, 17 2:46 pm

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