Most logical way to do this?


I'm about to make this kinda of linedrawings on different office setups.

My initial idea was to make it 3d in sketchup and then export to illustrator.

Sounds savvy?

Apr 21, 17 4:56 am

Go for it! You could also tidy those lines in Cad.

Apr 21, 17 5:20 am
Non Sequitur

Exporting 3D model from SU to IL won't preserve transparencies.

Apr 21, 17 7:22 am

I've done this from SU to IL, but, like Non said, transparencies etc won't stay so there is a lot of cleanup required in Illustrator

Apr 21, 17 10:22 am

or Rhino make 2D - Over V-ray render with line work cleanup in CAD and AI.

Apr 21, 17 10:39 am

hand draw it in 15 minutes .. stop wasting time fiddling around so many different softwares

Apr 23, 17 11:11 am

Model in Revit with a consistent colours viewport style with 15% transparency, export as a pdf using Blubeam and edit lineweight/linetype in Illustrator.

Apr 23, 17 6:08 pm

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