Custom Architect's Stamp?


Hi All -

Now that I'm getting closer to getting licensed, I'm curious if there are recommended go-to sources for getting custom-designed architect's stamps made? Not even sure how/if I'd want mine to be non-standard but interested in the possibility.



Mar 16, 17 2:25 am
Non Sequitur
Mar 16, 17 6:09 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

NO. no customization of stamp or seal. some stamps or seals are owned by the state and you are "allowed" to use it when licensed.

Mar 16, 17 7:14 am

Not true. Every state is different, and some of them certainly do allow for variation and customization. I'm registered in 7 states and probably five of them have been enhanced as allowed by the relevant practice act to make them less dreary.


Have you, by chance, even read your state licensing board regulations?  You should probably do that before you even consider possessing a stamp. 

Mar 16, 17 8:01 am

Just to clarify, in CA you are allowed to change some limited things like line types and thicknesses.

Mar 16, 17 10:59 am

In CO you can make some changes... like any written program or building code, there are set parameters like size and what it must say and have on it.  But you can do things like line widths, add some 'decoration' (like I added some stars between the two circles & my previous one had a stipple effect), fonts, etc.  You'll also want to work with the stamp maker because they'll have recommendations about the sizes of stuff so the ink holds to it ok, or self-inking, or other type options the stamp maker can do for you.  

Back in the day, we'd just go to our printshop and it was a service they provided (they sent the design somewhere).  I'd imagine now you can do it through the internet.

Mar 16, 17 11:29 am

Thanks, I was thinking the same thing, it could be a fun design exercise given specific constraints. I'll have to see if there are local stamp makers to work with.



Mar 16, 17 12:34 pm

or mount to the bottom

Mar 16, 17 12:35 pm

put a bird on it.

Mar 16, 17 12:59 pm

That show can be scarily spot on.


There are lots of online sources - I get mine from

First you want to check the paperwork that your state sends when you get your license.  There are at least two states that require that you buy your seals and stamps directly from the state, rather than from any private company.

It's true that there are a few states that let you customize your stamp design - but I have a few caveats:  First, in some of those states you're really very limited in what you can do - basically you still have to include a circle of exactly the prescribed diameter, and the exact wording and organization of content - so your choices are limited pretty much to what font to choose.  Second, in the few states that allow a little more creativity, you'll tend to make AHJs suspicious when you use a non-standard stamp. Of course they can and will verify with the state that you're legitimate - but this just isn't a place where creativity is going to help you.

Mar 16, 17 1:45 pm

Thanks, and you're right, I did momentarily think: is this just something else to defend when I'm doing an over-the-counter permit? Ha.

Mine is just the basic Illinois one. That's all I need - especially since the only thing I've stamped with it so far is my books.

Mar 16, 17 2:12 pm

Go big or go home.

Mar 16, 17 5:07 pm


Olaf Design Ninja_


Mar 16, 17 8:25 pm

butt plug.

Mar 16, 17 11:04 pm

I had my CA stamp done online- designed in ACAD and pushed through photoshop to create the file type at the resolution they wanted, all set up on their web site. I vaguely recall it being a raster image rather than a PDF. It cost about 25 bucks, works like a charm. I rarely use it as I find most deliverables are 'stamped' in the CAD file, with a PNG of the my signature digitally applied.

CA does allow some variation from the conventional format, but requires a limited size range and some standard information. When I renew, I plan to include a bear and a silhouette of the Santa Ana mountains in the seal...

Mar 17, 17 2:13 am

The lovely size limit. Oregon architect stamp also has a size limit, too! 1-5/8" or something like that.

I just finished the ARE and am looking not into a custom stamp per se, but a better designed and crafted handle than what I've typically seen. I haven't come across much, but these handles from Wms&Co. look nice.

May 18, 17 12:02 pm



My LLC "corporate seal" stamp and embosser isn't all that bad.

Feb 9, 18 5:36 am

My LLC "company seal" embosser and stamp:


Not used in lieu of any required registered/licensed Architect stamp.... obviously.


To let people know what an architect stamp (or embossed seal) looks like in other countries.

Here is an example from the Philippines for Registered Architect. (Embossed Seal)

Ignore the green watermark. I remember someone asking this awhile back (forgot the exact thread) and I happened to noticed this around that time while looking up stuff for LLC Company Seal stuff. 

Feb 16, 18 3:27 am

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