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Cas Esb

Hey I just got a reply from OMA that my portfolio was interesting but they did not have an internship possibility for me atm. Was wondering if this was a generic mail that they send out to all peeps or ...

Dec 22, 16 7:03 am
Non Sequitur
Was it for a paid position?
Dec 22, 16 7:34 am
Cas Esb

paid intern

Dec 22, 16 7:47 am

No internship possibility at OMA? Must be due to fire safety regulations that don't allow more interns per square meter or they will have to install an expensive sprinkler system :-)

This was their reply last year, not for an internship though:

"Thank you for submitting your application. We will be considering your skills and work experience along with other applicants that may apply. 

Please understand that due to the overwhelming response, we do not have the capacity to respond to individual follow-ups, so please be patient and if we feel there is a potential match to our open position(s), we will contact you directly.

We will also keep you in mind for other opportunities that may arise in the near future for which you may qualify. 

Meanwhile, using your email address and password, you can login to our careers website anytime to update your application information. 

We appreciate your interest in OMA.




And this one, some years ago:


"Dear [randomized],

Thank you for considering OMA in your search for new employment opportunities. We have reviewed your application for a Architect - Rotterdam position carefully and we regret to inform you that we could not find a match between your skills and our current vacancies; as such we cannot offer you a suitable position at this time. 

We hope you understand that due to the overwhelming number of applications that we receive, we are unable to respond individually to more specific questions and information in regard to our selection procedure.

Thank you for your interest in OMA and we wish you all the best.


Dec 22, 16 9:10 am
Cas Esb

Thansk Randomized for the insight!

I recieved this

Thank you for your recent application for the position of Internship  Architecture - Rotterdam.  Although your portfolio was very interesting, we were unable to find a suitable match between your skills and our current vacancies. Consequently we are unable to offer you a position at this time. "

Dec 22, 16 10:20 am

^ Probably a standard 'boiler plate' rejection letter, designed to avoid bruising your ego.  A firm like OMA receives infinitely more applications than they possibly can accept -- be happy you got a response at all.

Dec 22, 16 2:42 pm

Yea. Just be happy period. 

Dec 25, 16 8:32 am
Yea, just be happy, you loser
Dec 25, 16 6:17 pm
(I didn't mean the loser part)
Dec 25, 16 6:17 pm

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