Patrik Schumacher's Right-wing Agenda



Who is slandering?

If there is anything untrue about what is being said, please point it out so that it can be corrected. 

My point of view is that there are real life consequences to ideology. We are at a point in history when corporate interests basically push governments around by either bribing people, or arguing that free trade and global capitalism naturally leads to more global interdependence, and therefore less unemployment/poverty, and less war. But we are seeing the limitations of that thinking and the major problems that result from an intertwining/merging of government agendas with multinational-corporate agendas. We're seeing widespread corruption, massive wealth and income inequality, a weakening of legitimate global and regional collaborations, war, refugee crises, and an increase in racist white nationalism. Schumacher is arguing for an acceleration of those neoliberal tendencies to an extreme degree. This would bring us further down the wrong path of privatization, exclusionary planning, social stratification, and an overly controlled and surveilled public sphere. For me, it doesn't matter if the man is well-spoken. There are well-spoken men on every side of every issue. There always has been. What matters is that we have the clarity and courage to see what our problems are, and work to solve them. In my opinion, Schumacher's reckless and inappropriate thought experiments represent the worst psychophantic tendencies in Architecture. 

Nov 29, 16 12:01 pm

Davvid; I don't remember mentioning your name once. Read through the comment page and perhaps pick up on what people are saying. I don't understand the tendencies people have towards his "thought experiments". Why else would they be thoughts. He has degrees in Theory + Mathematics; which alone should speak of his process of engagement.

I find nothing wrong with a designer speaking about regarding a broken system. Now, where I have a problem is when you point out this.

"We're seeing widespread corruption, massive wealth and income inequality, a weakening of legitimate global and regional collaborations, war, refugee crises, and an increase in racist white nationalism."

Please direct me to a statement where he argues for accelerating this.

Also, do you realize how incentivized developers and private equity partners are by the government? They literally let them peruse around code issues, or give them credits towards manipulation of the built environment. The government is feeding them, and I have seen this so many times. So please don't let the government seem like this small entity who can be bought by some corporates; because the government is more than willing to play ball.

archietechie, I don't mean to troll here. That project has broken ground already. So if this project fast tracked from SD to CD in 8 months since she died, that is a feat. Reference below. She was the lead "designer".

"zaha hadid developed the design of guangzhou infinitus plaza with concepts of integration, connectivity and fluidity."


By no way do I enjoy any of the actual architecture from ZHA and certainly do not endorse Patrik, but I give him credit for speaking his architecture IS better than some I have seen.

Nov 29, 16 12:13 pm

"do you realize how incentivized developers and private equity partners are by the government?"

Obviously, I do. Can't you see that from my comment when I wrote: "an intertwining/merging of government agendas with multinational-corporate agendas"?

From this interview

"...I got more and more radicalised and was soon ready for Rothbard’s anarcho-capitalism.

The political ideology and programme of anarcho-capitalism envisages the radicalisation of the neoliberal roll-back of the state. As a special form of anarchism based on private property as society’s most basic institution, its call for the extension of entrepreneurial freedom and competitive market rationality pushes to the point where the scope for private enterprise is all-encompassing and leaves no space for state action whatsoever, positing the privatisation of everything, including cities with all their infrastructures, public spaces, streets and urban management systems. Even the provision of the legal system can be imagined fully privatised, via markets with competing jurisdictions, multiple competing sets of statutes, competing private courts, etc. These are, intellectually, incredibly stimulating propositions and the rapidly growing literature around such libertarian themes is rather sophisticated."

Nov 29, 16 5:04 pm
chatter of clouds

You know, Zaha Hadid was no Rosa Luxemberg. So it is not like. This is coming out of the blue. Is this Patrick Schumacher disowning Patrick Schumacher for the sake of the business? 0 Will those neoliberals never learn to drop the flagging of identity politics (patrick schumacher) as a way to mask their endorsement of policies that lead directly to economic inequity and misery of the greater percentage?

Nov 29, 16 6:14 pm
chatter of clouds

(patrick schumacher's letter)

Nov 29, 16 6:23 pm

Patrik Schumacher disavowed himself for supporting Patrik Schumacher.

Nov 29, 16 6:30 pm

The way Patrick suffered all that abuse from Zaha before getting to work for her says a lot about both him and Zaha.  After 25 years I the practice, I avoid these people when I can.  Sit in that position too long and you will have no soul left. 

Nov 30, 16 5:01 pm

One of my proffs worked there and got tired of all the chain smoking from Zaha and all the verbal abuse - 

Nov 30, 16 5:13 pm

"Sit in that position too long and you will have no soul left."

Profoundly true.

Nov 30, 16 5:56 pm
chatter of clouds

On a different note, unfortunate that this might incur a disservice to parametricism in general. The association built up between neoliberalism and parameteicism in such a discourse might now overshadow other usages and possibilities. There is no evidence that it cannot be employed under non-profit driven circumstances, as functionally or as dysfunctionally (is there an objective study on whether parametrically construed buildings functionally and socially outperform others?) as it being used for the ends he espouses.

Dec 1, 16 8:22 am

Why is Neoliberalism and anarcho-capitalism being conflated?

Dec 1, 16 11:36 am

Neoliberalism relies on the power of the state.  It's proped up by state power, regs, and capital.  Anarcho capitalism is much more independent of the state.  Hillary Clinton is an example of a neo-liberal...Someone like Ron Paul represents more of a anarcho capitalist agenda....I'm not sure they are the same...maybe in some respects, but ultimately most US corporations benefit from neo-liberalism...Monsanto, big pharma, etc...While so called disruptive companies like uber and arbnb are more examples of capitalism in spite of the state...enabled mostly by technological innovations.,.

Dec 1, 16 11:43 am

I don't see PSs agenda as an inherently evil one...while I understand that it sure can be used for evil....I'd say it's more system based than moral based and is really only as bad or good as the way it is ax is a tool until you hit someone in the head with it.  

Dec 1, 16 11:46 am

jla-x: You may as well give up. You're not going to get any of these people to look outside their narrow prejudices.

Dec 1, 16 11:50 am


Neoliberalism is the transitional step that gives up more and more responsibility and control over to corporations. Eventually, the democratic mechanisms in government and the press that allow ordinary people like us to exercise political muscle and to stay informed break down. And as they break down, wealthy private forces will advance. 

If you don't see whats wrong with Patrik Schumacher's proposal/manifesto/thought-experiment/whatever , then perhaps you just don't see what is wrong about the path we're already on. 

Dec 1, 16 1:28 pm

Protests today outside of Zaha Hadid Architects:

Dec 1, 16 1:29 pm


I don't know any more about these individuals than you do.

Here is an article about it:

I can take a super wild guess that they're rejecting Schumacher for the same reasons that ZHA and the executors of Hadid's estate spoke out against him yesterday. But that just a guess. 

Dec 1, 16 2:21 pm

The sign also appears to say "class war"... sooo, maybe its a protest about linguistics? Haha

Dec 1, 16 2:23 pm

So davvid, how is Patrick's manifesto any different from what has already happened?  You are judging a system as a mechanism based on its most immoral players and worst manifestations.  I'm just saying, capitalism is not inherently bad.  But I guess again we are arguing whether guns kill people or people kill people...Power and greed will surface in any system because they are inherent to human nature.  The question is whether or not we have the liberty as a people to prevent tyranny.  Capitalism is the only system that provides a mechanism for such resistance. 

Dec 1, 16 4:26 pm

I.e.   The protesters in your picture...

Dec 1, 16 4:28 pm

The problem isn't's the collusion of govt and corporate interests. 

Dec 1, 16 4:38 pm


Of course Schumacher is allowed to speak his mind. But is he entitled to an audience? Is he entitled to invitations to speak at prestigious conferences? Are we not allowed to criticize him? Are we not allowed to ignore him? 

Also, are Schumacher's ideas actually compelling, or are they just controversial. Most of his ideas just seem to be casually plucked from economics or philosophy and shoehorned into Architecture discourse. And he regularly uses rhetoric that seems to have been borrowed directly from conservative media. For example, his use of the phrase "political correctness" when Shigeru Ban was awarded the Pritzker Prize, seemed particularly revealing of how run-of-the-mill his motivations actually are. And how, despite the hifalutin architecture context, he sometimes just seems like just another recently radicalized libertarian dude who just started learning more about Ron Paul.

Dec 1, 16 8:45 pm

[I'm curious, davvid, what entitles you to an audience?]

Haha... Nothing. Which is why I don't have one. 

Dec 1, 16 9:48 pm

so 'entitle' means he would have a legal or just claim to receive his audience

which means, he wouldn't necessarily have an audience if was entitled to an audience, but he would have one if he so chose.

Dec 2, 16 9:24 am
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Dec 2, 16 10:04 am
Hey everyone! Mad Libs Time!

"People have every right to _______ and _______ _____. In fact, ____ and _____ have argued over many issues over the years. So __ am not offended by the _________ against him, or suggesting he should not be held to account for views that others object to. What ____ am condemning is the _________ tenor of the _____, and the ____________ consequences of turning on someone for expressing _____ deemed beyond the pale. _________ ideas are ______ to be afraid of. We even teach __________ (or at least we used to) that ______ and ______ are one thing but _________ are nothing to worry about. So the first response to _______'s diatribe should not be to reach for the _______ button, but to instead grow some _______ and maybe ________ back."
Dec 2, 16 10:12 am
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Dec 2, 16 10:46 am
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Dec 2, 16 11:39 am

someone's been reading the new haiku book advertised on archinect....

Dec 2, 16 11:49 am
reading like buzzing
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Dec 2, 16 11:59 am

build, termite, build those lovely tunnels with curves

Dec 3, 16 10:32 am
chatter of clouds

he is right in that he is not speaking for ZHA. and ZHA is, like most businesses with profit in mind, amoral, economically speaking. which is to say, ZHA is not much better or worse - generally- than many of the companies we work, have worked for, lead, etc. indeed, on a broader moral scale,  to my knowledge, for instance, they have not built prisons, especially prisons that serve capital punishment for instance. yes, they have built for oppressive regimes and dictatorships as, I am sure, have many others.  

he is speaking as a public intellectual (in the sense that his pronouncements implicate public policy and civic life) and, as an architectural intellectual (in trying to bind parametricism with neoliberalism in, if not deterministic way then in a compatibility based way).

I am of the opinion that his pronouncement is not at all subversive. he is not doing anything than state his enthusiasm for an economic model that has been in development globally, that is no longer in a paradigmatic state that is to speak and that has lead to the economically strangling gentrification of cities (driving the poor away - therefore depriving them of their own means of sustenance - as those with more means are able to compete more advantageously in taking over properties) ,  increasing loss of liberalism as opposed to the increase thereof as the rich tend to form a network of their own that precludes the poor: hence "class war", a war declared necessarily by the appetite for profit  , impoverishment of the poor locally and globally, cronyism ..etc.

You will find many examples of this; I suggest my own, Lebanon where private interests have taken over public space, taken over the capital's residential market pushing out residents who can no longer afford to live in their neighbourhoods that they grew up in. the entire Lebanese coastal shore has been piecemealed out to rich politicians and their business acolytes (here you can even inverse the terms, rich businessmen and their politician acolytes) and the only remaining successful public space, the Corniche and its beach extention,

. I would claim here that capitalism does not happen in a void, not neoliberalism nor so called "anarcho-capitalism", a term that expresses an extreme state of neoliberalism, ie the extreme conclusion of weaking (therefore disappearance) of government, deregulation and privatization. but its a good catchy term none the less. All stages of capitalism inherit the structures of economic priviledge  that precede it, be it a structure of religious institutions, bourgeois businesses, traditional kinship, slavery, feudalism etc. The notion of a neutral equitable capitalism, a benign one that situates your interests on par with my own, an equal competition,  with the disappearance of an intervening powerful regulating body (ie government) that influences the competition a sham, or a scam.  

Capitalism never happens on an equal footing between those who are victims of these structures and those who privildge from this system. neoliberalism- and its extreme theoretical conclusion anarcho-capitalism - is nothing but the total loss of some liberal provisions instated by governments the early 20th century , that are being consistently weakened since then,  in response to powerful demands by the people and in fear of the growing rise of a global leftist revolution at that time (there is no such fear nowadays of course).

There is nothing subversive or progressive about Schumacher's position. it is only an avant garde in the sense that it is pushing at the forefront of an already developed hegemonic state of affairs to a conclusion that will only lead to the tyranny of the rich over the poor and to the complete loss of brakes instated to protect the drive of profit over welfare. in other words an avant garde to a regressive and repressive state of reality

Dec 4, 16 11:28 am
chatter of clouds

as for the position that one style or method is more natural or conducive to  or functionally enabling for  neoliberalism (or call it what you will) more than another, that is, u suspect, as associative as are eisenman's projects  relative to, for instance, language (or whatever his contemporaneous interest is).

Dec 4, 16 1:20 pm

If this "has been done", or "has been going on" (not your words specifically), how is is avant-garde? or is it only the formal qualities you refer to.

Dec 4, 16 8:47 pm
chatter of clouds

as i used the term, I had somewhat in mind the defensive advance guard implicit in the literal and military significance of the word. that is to speak a force that supports and defends an already established state of reality, an intellectual voice "pushing at the forefront of an already developed hegemonic").

 so I say:" it is only an avant garde in the sense that..." to present knowingly that conflict with the way the term we use nowadays to refer to a, somewhat, 'before-the-fact' creative and experimental -rather than dogma based and buttressing- force. of course I am limiting myself to the topic here, the politics of Schumacher rather than his actual architectural undertakings. the latter is a different topic, despite his present associative conjectures.

I must say, although I detest this political terrain, I remember reading parts of his book. he is not at all of a dull intellect and I am sure would be a most interesting coffee table partner. I mean, I think I would die of boredom if I had zumthor or pallasmaa or one of those to talk to...anyway, the man is not the devil, although I don't think he would be morally against the idea of building in hell if he got a free hand at trying his parametricism at a grand and infernal urban scale.

Dec 4, 16 9:17 pm

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