Land art/public art vs landscape architecture.


I know there is much overlap, especially with projects like Irwins Getty gardens, but whats the defining difference in your opinions.  Where do you feel something like a memorial would fall?  Why?  

Aug 16, 16 6:15 pm

Memorials are never landscape architecture.  NEVER!

and the difference is: if there's a lot of bullSHIT, concept, and intent(s) it's ahhhhrt ... if there is an irrigation plan anywhere it's landscape ahhhhhrchitecure.

Aug 17, 16 1:35 am

Maya Lin would like to have a word with you at the Vietnam Memorial.

Personally, I've never been thrilled with the Getty, especially after seeing it in the winter. He designs for color and shapes, but forgets season- his parking lot at DIA Beacon is really mundane.

IMO Piet Oudolf is better at using landscape material (read: woody shrubs and trees) to craft spaces that are seasonally responsive and honest with respect to plant form.

And I'll add to the mix. Beuy's 7000 Oaks project(s)? 

Aug 17, 16 4:46 pm

Ill bump this since art vs architecture is a trending topic...

May 18, 17 2:00 pm

Kind of relevant to this topic. I think all of the entries are pretty bland attempts to score a 3mil project while not offending anyone or saying anything meaningful about the monument's purported raison d'etre. Neither art, nor architecture. Definitely something landscape. Going to re-read 'the expanded field' by R. Krauss tonight because of this comeptition + thread

May 18, 17 5:12 pm

Id say any of those can be either art or architecture. Doesn't have to be good to qualify.  

May 18, 17 8:45 pm

Also consider reading Elizabeth Meyer's "Expanded Field of Landscape Architecture" and Karen Wilson Baptist's "Shades of Grey.

I'd say the heavy reliance on a plinth in all these projects disqualify them as forms of land art. These are sculptural objects with little to no connection to the site or place. I'm not suggesting that they have no merit, just that they are landscape engaged.

May 18, 17 9:13 pm

That's an interesting competition, does soviet public art/realm (for instance) quantify the opposite?

May 18, 17 9:21 pm

An edit for clarity: my response was to threadkilla's link to the competition for victims of communism.

May 19, 17 12:13 am

To me that was clear, and a good question.

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