Pokemon Go


Olaf just a heads up, P4R is an onion-esque satire site. 

That seizure episode is real though, I only knew about it once the Simpsons parodied it:

Aug 8, 16 9:14 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

isn't most of this parody!  there were actual Christian sites, less dramatic that essentially said same thing, and not Parody, that one religion in a certain country that will go unnamed because you know making fun of stupidity in that is a culture, is wrong these days (trending)...

Aug 8, 16 9:16 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

is Pokemon replacing the spiritual with the virtual? zombie apocalypse - end times baby end times.

Aug 9, 16 6:56 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

so I saw a bunch of NYU numbskulls standing in a circle looking at their phones, tapping frantically, talking about funny named creatures, but no eye contact ....if I wasnt on my way home and smelled funny like a homeless man, I would of jumped in the middle of their circle of numbskulls and dropped my pants.

Aug 10, 16 9:21 pm
Non Sequitur

So people spend real money to get a mostly completed game?

Sep 14, 16 1:27 pm

that's no different than autocad or revit.  it's called 'software as a service" or SaaS since we like acronyms.  you niether buy, nor own, the software you're paying for.  as part of that, you don't get a finished product, you get an evolving product.

Sep 14, 16 1:40 pm
Non Sequitur

Curt, looks like the post I replied to got deleted. It was someone selling pre-played pokemon go accounts so you could... I don't know, brag to your friends about your fake phone app accomplishements?

Perhaps I should buy a pre-checked in Untapd account and boast my beer experiences to all you peasants?

Sep 14, 16 1:58 pm

... or sell your untapped profile, so you can make piles of money and someone else can get bragging rights?

i misunderstood your post then.  that would be called 'pay to win' (or p2w since we like acronyms).  it actually makes the game more true-to-life.

Sep 14, 16 2:16 pm
Non Sequitur

true-to-life is weird.

I'd rather drink my way to success rather than cheat. It's tastier and more fun.

Sep 14, 16 2:24 pm

Thereserbax, are you a retard?

Feb 17, 17 6:44 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

the bots are getting stranger around here archiwut

Feb 17, 17 8:09 am

Tryed it once, got annoyed immediately, got rid of it. Didn't stop people thinking I was playing it while checking Google Maps

If nothing else it was an interesting experiment of augumented reality on a global scale and of what madnessn could ensued by it, but maybe not too much ot of the ordinary when a new fad goes viral. Not sure what was more fascinating, that it was inherently satanic or inherently racist (

Feb 19, 17 4:18 am

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