can you become an interior designer from an architecture degree


I am more interested in the interior design side however no university's near me do this course. Is there anyway I can go down this root from architecture? Or does architecture cover the inside of building too? 

Jun 19, 16 11:09 am
A lot of firms don't have interior designers but do the interiors for their buildings (with the exception of FFE - in my firm's case there is an FFE consultant on projects and we curate as necessary to fit within our design).

So simple answer is yes. Lots of places have interiors departments like IA and Gensler.
Jun 19, 16 11:33 am  · 

Studying architecture so you can do interior design seems like you would be studying a lot of material (architecture) that you have little interest in for a little study in interiors. Several large schools have it all: architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, construction management, real estate development, civil engineering. I would try to go to one of those schools and talk with the professors and students in each area to find out what you like and what jobs were available to recent graduates. If it is still interior design after your first year you are all set. If you want to change majors you are also well positioned.  

Jun 20, 16 10:33 am  · 

you can be an interior designer with a high school diploma.   you could also do it without a diploma 

Jun 20, 16 10:48 am  · 
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Anyone can be an int designer. You don't need anything more than high school art class. At best.
Jun 20, 16 11:36 am  · 
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No that’s interior decorating, you need a degree to be an interior designer because it’s more than just choosing the right pillowcase and wallpaper.

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It’s more, but just barely. Also, nice redirecting of a 4y old discussion for a moot argument.


Yes, we do it in-house (residential practice in architecture/interiors/landscape 20+ people firm).  A lot has to do with ability to understand style/color/texture at a level above the architecture, but the spatial understanding of an architecture education can be very useful.

Jun 20, 16 3:00 pm  · 

I'd recommend looking at programs like SAIC's Interior Architecture degree. It may be a good program if you are interested in the interiors as opposed to the more traditional approach to architecture. The program is expensive so be warned. Some people on here may say that Interior Architecture is just another title for Interior Design, which in most cases I sort of agree, however in the right program, with the right professors, and  motivation, Interior Architecture could be a unique niche that is separate from interior design. 

Jun 20, 16 3:19 pm  · 

Some states do have licensure for Interior designers.  So, you should probably check into your state's requirements.  Some states may allow for an equivalent degree, like architecture. 

Jun 20, 16 4:00 pm  · 

good grief, inferior decorator?

Jun 21, 16 3:17 pm  · 

There were a few states where licensure for IDs was struck down for being unconstitutional...I know there are several states that protect the title "licensed ID" but "ID" itself cannot be a protected title as courts have ruled.  There may be some instances in certain states where a licensed ID is required for public works...just check the laws of the land that you want to work in before spending time and money on unnecessary pursuits. 

Jun 21, 16 3:36 pm  · 

Actually interior designers also design the interiors of boats, trains, airplanes, cars, as well as buildings. Any well designed building can have a number of interiors through the years as its function changes over its lifetime. Interior design is also tied up with ergonomics in much, if not all, all they design so it is not a fluff discipline by any means. It is certainly not something you would leave to an architect who as little or no interest in doing it well.

Jun 21, 16 3:48 pm  · 

Can interior designer can do the work of architecture ?????

Like just designing the exterior part of buildings ...

Nov 24, 20 7:31 am  · 
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Short answer: No

Long answer: No


Can you become an interior designer from an architecture degree? Yes but it would be a specific domain within the breadth of the field of architecture that you would have to specialize in but possible.

Can you do architecture if you are an interior designer? Well, that can be a more convoluted answer. Can you design buildings? Yes.... exempt buildings. Should you? Not unless you have the knowledge and skills to do so competently. To do "architecture" (as in the work that requires a license in the U.S.) then you need to get licensed as an architect (in the U.S.... giving a geographical/jurisdictional context because things get more complicated in the world) so in every pathway to licensure in the U.S., you have to have recognized education/experience that qualifies as well as take a series of exams. Interior design education core does not cover a number of required subject areas to qualify fully and there are various factors where you have to make up the deficiency in the licensure path.(at least some of it)

There is generalities given but the long and thorough answer is not something I'm going to go into.

Nov 26, 20 5:20 am  · 

Depends on your jurisdiction. Some have governing bodies for Interior Designers. Ask them.

Nov 26, 20 9:48 am  · 

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