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Post a movie you like that you found for free on youtube or other. We always need movies to watch. 

Through a Glass Darkly (warning, it is a little depressing)

Jun 18, 16 7:23 pm

Film and Chill.

Jun 18, 16 7:27 pm



A very interesting study in environmental design.

Jun 18, 16 8:31 pm



Turtle Diary

Plan 9 from Outer Space

Jun 18, 16 8:46 pm

One False Move(one of the 5 best films in the past 25 years)

Dark City(the architecture is mesmerizing and it has one of the greatest endings in the history of the cinema, no joke)

Jun 18, 16 9:34 pm

Please post links if you have them. 

Jun 18, 16 9:49 pm

For some reason, I have trouble posting links here. They are all on you tube but, One False Move and Dark City are worth the investment of renting to see them in wide screen.

Turtle Diary is a small expertly crafted film that can not help but make you smile the whole time you are watching it, and can work viewing it on you tube.

Plan 9 from Outer Space is so poorly(the very definition of a great bad movie) made that seeing it on you tube only adds to it.

One False Move needs wide screen because of the director's(Carl Franklin) use of the frame to make visual commentary on the effects of violence and Dark City because of the detail in the models and CGI of the architecture.

Jun 18, 16 10:10 pm

What are some good sites for online watching various movies do you know?? For example, I know a great website  What other opinions for this case? just write it in this thread, please.

Oct 15, 16 4:53 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_ has all kinds of free bgrade type films

Oct 17, 16 7:56 am

olaf, yes, just what I was looking for. thanks.

Oct 17, 16 11:52 am

Captain Fantastic

Go to ; ;

Apr 4, 17 8:33 am

Book Thief is an awesome movie and Prestige

Jun 23, 17 4:39 am

A couple of documentaries that will change the way you look at politics and the media. Orwell is long but well worth it. Spin is particularly timely despite being over 20 years old. 

Jun 23, 17 4:33 pm

A classic gem:

Jun 23, 17 4:38 pm

Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance

Jan 10, 18 9:55 am


Jan 10, 18 11:32 am

There are many websites sharing free movies, You can follow some online list where you can watch movies line.

Apr 5, 19 9:03 am

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May 24, 19 11:10 pm

I like comedy and adventure movies which can get out from depression.

May 25, 19 4:51 am

I recently watched Den of Thieves and I liked it.

Jul 16, 19 4:02 am
we're in this together

i really want to see this

but it's never playing no where ever near me

and of course it's not up loaded for free

they have a linky on their website to 'buy'

but clicky that linky and see it's all a lie!

Jul 16, 19 5:17 pm

Use Mobdro as a free movie, sports and movie player for your device.

Feb 26, 20 2:21 am
we're in this together

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Feb 26, 20 1:42 pm
we're in this together

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Mar 23, 20 1:07 pm

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