Arch Models - how to pack & ship?


happy friday y'all! Got a quick question -

What is the best way to pack and ship architecture models?

I'm looking to ship a large thesis model that has base dimensions of 2' x 6' from school to back home. Height of model is 16" tall. I would say it's pretty fragile, since it's a detailed structural model (lots of arches + beams) made out of wood.

Do I use peanuts, foam core...? I was thinking of using FedEx to pick up & ship. All advice/thoughts appreciated.

thank you!

Apr 29, 16 11:53 am

I know a famous model maker who once shipped a model that cost more than 100k by private military helicopter, so you could do that.

Apr 29, 16 4:45 pm  · 

Back in the olden days, one would just firmly affix it to a very sturdy base (mdf, plywood or 1/2 gatorboard depending on the model composition) and then build a custom box around it. For foamcore models we used thick foamcore or gatorboard; for wood models we used plywood. The base dados into the box so that it can slide out from one of the end panels but is otherwise firmly engaged with the box/enclosure.  One would use no dunnage or packing material around it (it just moves around and causes damage anyway), even if it is packing peanuts.  Label this side up and send it on its way FedEx (never UPS).  Assume some damage will occur, but if you built the base correctly it should all be fixable...

Apr 29, 16 8:16 pm  · 

If you talk to many who have been out of school for a decade or two, you'll probably find that most who went to a lot of trouble to preserve and ship school models regret doing so. It's a lot of work, it's expensive, storage takes a lot of space and, in the end, what's the point? What are you really going to do with it?  

Just get it well photographed and save the images in case you ever need them. Then, have a nice bonfire. You'll be happier in the end - as will your Mom..

Apr 29, 16 8:38 pm  · 
I kept a couple of my models, but they are fairly portable. I created a massive site model for my thesis which I donated to the model shop where I bought supplies, and then gave a few other models to professors.

And definitely made sure everything was well photographed.
Apr 29, 16 10:46 pm  · 

Make a box like Janosh says, but before sending it wrap it tight in bubble wrap, foam, or similar, then put this in another box. If your model is rigidly affixed to the exterior box you might have issues with vibration and pieces shaking loose.

May 2, 16 1:16 pm  · 

May 2, 16 2:43 pm  · 

Pack it as Janosh recommends, then drive it yourself.  If it's not worth carrying yourself, or a trusted friend, you might really want to reconsider keeping it.

Aug 20, 19 3:27 pm  · 

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