putting in NYC

Olaf Design Ninja_

8:00am - 8th Ave, heading south from 42nd to Chelsea

"Its one of those three black motherfuckers!" - a junkie-homeless looking man on his flip phone - holding a putting iron (golf club) in his left hand.

Every morning around 8:00am, a group of people, presumably released from the local homeless shelter congregate around an HGTV Modern like designed McDonalds near 34th and 8th Ave.  Faces of distress, tear drop tatoos on cheeks, teeth missing, and meth distorted rat like appearances.

All sharing cigarettes found on the ground and yelling things three times like

"You see Jimmy last night! You see Jimmy Last night! You see jimmy Last Night!"

Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel? I don't ask.


The golf club totting junkie-homeless was on 38th heading south like me.  I passed him quickly.  The McDonalds is near 34th, that would be south of 38th.


The sidewalk at this time is about 5 persons per 100 square feet and if you look a few blocks down the avenue you won't see the sidewalk.

Half European tourists still on Euro time, hotels near by. Others like me just trying to get to work.


Got me to thinking:

1) Should we install putting greens off the bike lanes?

2) In what other city would this go absolutely unnoticed besides me, who was too busy to find out who gets their skull bashed in.

3) Where does one steal a putting iron in NYC?

Feb 23, 16 8:27 am

i've never heard of a putter referred to as an iron

Feb 23, 16 9:08 am
Non Sequitur

"1) Should we install putting greens off the bike lanes?"

Yes and infinite monies should be diverted to this cause.

I remember when I turned the "green roofs" of my thesis project into a full golf course. No point of doing graduate work if you can't have fun with it.

Feb 23, 16 9:22 am

Ringolevio with weapons.

Feb 23, 16 9:32 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

google it curt, had i said just putter the bashing of the skull bit would of been less undergrad at the highest point in Kansas there was this game called Campus golf. occassionly a frat boy might drive a golf ball into the football stadium during Non how about using the roof space and streets in NYC for a golf course..........where is hole 1?

Feb 23, 16 10:22 am
Non Sequitur

^Olaf, preferably hole no.1 is located near a decent roof-top bar/patio. Do you think one could get extra style points for bouncing a shot off a neighboring building instead of driving straight through?


Feb 23, 16 10:31 am
Wood Guy

Amusing that of all the disturbing, creative or wacky ideas presented in the OP, that the word "putting iron" is the thing worthy of comment.... 

Feb 23, 16 11:16 am

Such is the ambience of New York City. When people do get their heads bashed in, spectators occasionally give golf claps. Worth paying a premium to live there for sure!

Feb 23, 16 11:34 am

A local architecture group did this during our national design festival a couple of years ago, with tennis balls instead of golf balls.  At midnight, downtown.

Feb 23, 16 12:07 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

wood guy, because only "putting iron" was questionable, all else very true .......urban golf - saweet...running with it

Feb 23, 16 12:18 pm
Wood Guy

Olaf, I should have included a smiley face or something, I get it. 


Feb 23, 16 12:32 pm

There is Cross-country golf. Why not Urban Golf?


putting iron is what the 80 year old guy at the driving range called it. I drove the cart/ moving target that picks up the balls for a couple summers, among other duties. Basically a modern-day Caddyshack.

Feb 23, 16 12:34 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_
Olaf Design Ninja_


Feb 23, 16 8:32 pm

Nice pic I really enjoy the pics so much.

Dec 3, 19 10:13 am

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