Lead Generation


Anyone have any good outlets for finding up and coming leads? Primarily within corporate and higher education environments. More to do with customer/visitor experience and not Architect specific. Thanks!

Jul 23, 15 1:14 am

Higher education in terms of public institutions of higher education is something you use the state's procurement network. Many of the institutions use QBS selection and procure services through state standard procurement network.

In Oregon, you would look at ORPIN.

Other states, it would be their equivalent.

Jul 23, 15 4:05 am  · 

In addition to Richard's...

Join various local business clubs and organizations and get active.  Build your network.

Jul 23, 15 10:02 am  · 

For higher ed, join - and participate in - SCUP (Society for College and University Planning)

Jul 23, 15 10:40 am  · 

RB's got it right on education, most are an open RFP process, Corp is tough, usually comes down to personally knowing the current CEO on the important stuff….a lot of guys get Corp stuff by doing CEO houses & cottages first.

Jul 23, 15 4:51 pm  · 

The other way into corporate and some institutional work is to seek out and do a good job on the less glamorous projects such as re roofing ADA bathrooms and ramps and MEP upgrades. Provide excellent service and you will move up the list to bigger and better projects. Also maintain relationships with your furniture vendors as they can help bring in small introductory projects.


Although I actually am on the ORPIN network, I haven't picked up projects for myself there because there hasn't been much projects I would be able to respond to the RFP without getting into trouble. 

That's another story.

Jul 23, 15 6:08 pm  · 

lol, lead generation. I thought I was going to read a thread about people with mildly violent dispositions and old enough to have been crawling around prior to 1978.

Nov 16, 17 11:18 pm  · 

Toxic but able to withstand radiation


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