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what represents Modern Architecture in India?



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May 14, 12 12:53 am  · 

vastu shastra -- i worked in india and most of the clients demanded we design according to it. The new architecture, as they say, must be representative of the vastu and "contemporary", even though they can be quite conservative...

May 14, 12 8:01 am  · 

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture and engineering
developed over centuries. The recommendations for a Vastu compliant
construction or living have been explained more in layman terms related
to specific god ruling the direction than the scientific principles
behind it.  There is no dearth of information available online on the
various Vastu topics but most of the online documents or blogs end with
prescribing Yantras or Poojas as remedies for an actual engineering
defect to the process (or building) involved.

I am an engineer  and try to look at everything in Vastu Shastra from a scientific  perspective and make recommendations based on the critical analysis of  the property involved. 

Feb 23, 21 11:51 am  · 
Non Sequitur

sounds like a steaming pile of new-agey woo jive.


Indian Feng suei ?

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Here is one example

via @Domus

Feb 28, 21 11:04 pm  · 
Wood Guy

One of my favorite pieces of architecture: 

Mar 1, 21 8:05 am  · 
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