Can not decide: ASU or UIUC?

M.Arch (two years) applicant. International student. got in at a few unis, wish to attend either ASU or UIUC but cant decide where to go to.

The courses offered at ASU (Arizona State University) and UIUC (Uni of Illinois at Urbana Champaign) are fairly similar, with one Arch Des studio per semester with increasing complexity and one of these: Theory of Architecture, Structures, Building Systems, Professional Studies per semester. 

Whats different is that ASU offers varied electives per semester (Graphic design, Interior arch, Sustainability et cetera), whereas UIUC offers one area of focus among: Urbanism, Detail + Fabrication, Heath + Well Being, Building Performance to choose from and one has tostick to electives in that focus area for all four semesters.

Secondly, the winter at Illinois is severe for three months per year v/s the extreme summers in Arizona

Thirdly, I have a close friend at ASU doing the M.Arch. course there who can help me in many ways. I don't have any actual friends at UIUC

The cost of program at UIUC is 30k/ annum v/s 27k/ annum at ASU. Not much of a difference. 

From what I saw on the internet, it looks like ASU is ranked lower than UIUC with UIUC having the edge of being one of the oldest arch schools in the US.

With my head telling me to go to ASU, I have my heart telling me to go to UIUC, since it was always the preferred school. 

I need to decide as soon as possible.


Please help me out guys.



Jun 19, 15 2:56 am


Jun 19, 15 7:36 am

wow thanks!

Jun 19, 15 7:44 am

anybody else wishes to contribute? with reasons..?

Jun 19, 15 10:03 am

I lived in Tempe for a year, the heat is unbearable from April to November, unless you like living air conditioned. No idea about the school, but the atmosphere in town is very rowdy and party all the time.

Jun 19, 15 10:08 am


Jun 19, 15 10:36 am
( o Y o )

How about you enroll in a program that teaches you how to post in an appropriate subforum, like ACADEMIA, so the rest of us don't have to wade through your ignorance?

Jun 19, 15 11:02 am

^ you mad bro?

Jun 19, 15 11:44 am

what made you go for UIUC? Im currently stuck on the same boat. Any advice of me? @Omkar

Mar 22, 19 4:32 am

i don't know much about UIUC or ASU, but I can tell you that Marc Neveu, the newly appointed Chair at ASU is one smart dude. I don't know how helpful that is, but he alone might make asu worth it. we interviewed him and he talked a bit about asu.

Mar 26, 19 12:44 am

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