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hey guys

i had a skype interview a bit over two weeks ago and am now waiting for a reply.

so first i'd like to share some details of the interview, since there were quite a few people asking. there were two guys sitting in front of the computer- one was talking, the other listening and taiking notes. it was a very relaxed atmosphere, even little jokes were made. they asked me to pick my favourite project out of my portfolio and explain how i developped it. then they informed me very well about the office, the organisation, my salary etc. it lasted only about 20-25 minutes.

so now my questions: has anyone of you ever had a skpye interview with oma? how long did it take until you got an answer? and how big is the chance that they're hiring you if you had such an interview?

thanks alot! :)


Jul 8, 11 10:17 am

Hey, I also interviewed with them via skype awhile back. Would you mind shooting me an email?

Jul 16, 11 9:13 pm

what types of positions are you interviewing for?

Jul 16, 11 11:27 pm

i interviewed for an architctrure long-term internship (10 month)  in the NY office.

Jul 17, 11 6:11 am

Can I know how much do they pay for an internship??? thks

Aug 21, 11 9:52 am

I refer to the rotterdam firm

Aug 21, 11 9:57 am

ca 600 euro. its the standard dutch internship pay.

Aug 21, 11 11:57 am

at the interview they told me my pay would be about 1200 USD..

@lucarobustelli: can you explain why? i was applying in NY but told them that if they don't have any open poistion i would also be very happy to work in the Rotterdam office.

just to inform you: i have had some email contact with the office manager; basically they they told me that they were very interested and will let me know soon, nevertheless i still haven't gotten a definitive decision..

Sep 20, 11 5:36 pm

As far as i know, there is no connnection between the interview time, and the actual job offer. I had interview, that lasted around 30 minutes, i got response the very next day and had to appear in the office within 4 days. Also Rotterdam salaries are 500 e for junior intern and 700 for senior intern-at least thats how it was 6 months ago,when i left. There is almost never any free positon in NY. they send everyone to Rdam.

Sep 20, 11 7:25 pm


"salaries are 500 e for junior intern and 700 for senior intern" - is that per week?  

Sep 20, 11 7:56 pm

per month.

Sep 21, 11 3:09 am

"senior intern" ??

Sep 21, 11 3:52 am

per week-good joke :D

Senior intern you get, if you have some more significant working experiance, or when you stay for another six months.

Sep 22, 11 5:41 am
Gunawan Wibisono

how did it go? Did you get the intern? I am actually planning to do the same thing this summer.

Mar 20, 12 7:14 pm
Dani Zoe

congrats on the interview! i had a skype interview with AMO several years ago, basically as you described. I ended up not getting the offer because I needed a Dutch visa which takes about two months to get, and the start date was in less than a month.

I heard back within a week, but my friend heard back 6 months after his OMA interview (they offered him a job!), soooo.... it could be tomorrow or next year? :-P

Mar 20, 12 7:57 pm

Congrats to all of you who got an interview! I am wondering when is the latest to apply if I am seeking an internship for this coming summer? Also, do they even offer short-term internships (any OMA office) for only 2-3 months during summer? I am asking this because I will be graduating this may, but will be starting graduate school in late august so I can only work short term. 

I would greatly appreciate any insights! 

Mar 20, 12 9:31 pm

$1200 a month?  That isn't even enough to live off of.

Mar 21, 12 9:42 am

I lived off ~$1200 a month in ny a couple of years ago, it's not SO bad. just don't expect to live in manhattan... or save any money for that matter :P brace yourself for OMAny though. it can be pretty tough!

Mar 21, 12 1:53 pm

the hours are so long that there's no time to spend your money! haha!

@leen. it's never too late to fill out their online application! if they need you they will find you. if you are available in may though, select april for the date when you would be able to start, especially if you need to apply for a visa. don't say you want to only stay 2 or 3 months though. they almost only offer a 6 months contracts. you could either negotiate the time when they make an offer or you can accept their 6 months contract and cancel it when you need to go. 

Mar 21, 12 5:11 pm

Hi guys,

I'm about to obtain an internship in Denmark  and I need some information.  The job interview it's tomorrow  and i'm hoping to find out some details.

I would like to know about how much an intern (with 3-5 years of work experience) is paid in general and if an intern will work on certain areas depending on how they evaluate your profile (CAD drafting / renderings / 3d modeling / concept talks or you participate in all of the above). 



Jul 2, 12 3:37 am

700/week for an intern in Europe - impossible

700/week for an intern in North America - expected with overtime

Jul 2, 12 4:22 am

In Europe an 'internship' refers to a 'praktikum' and in these days it is either unpaid (most common) or somewhere around 400 eur/month. Since there is around 75%  unemployment for architecture and design students in DK, I'm guessing any 'internship' there will be unpaid. They have a huge social welfare net so that recent grads can afford to take these short little internships and try to combine 6 or 7 praktikums into a mass of experience.

If you're coming from the states, bring lots and lots and lots of money with you... CPH is damn expensive!!

Jul 2, 12 5:24 am

Thank you Stephanie,

Your response is very detailed. I realy hope to get paid with this internship and that they will evaluate my profile and skills appropiately. 

I am planning to continue my studies in Denmark so this would be a great first step. In case I will get accepted I'd like to keep in touch with you, regarding that you finished your master studies in Denmark and can help me with advices. 

Thank you

Jul 2, 12 8:22 am

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