Great video on getting into development, looks like ULI has a bunch of good videos

Jan 30, 15 12:52 pm
Saint in the City

Nice.  Maybe you said already, but what type of project are you thinking about developing initially? 

Feb 1, 15 11:36 am

i'm thinking 4 - 6 unit residential with the idea that this would be an income property.  My intention is to find some partners so that the first project is relatively low risk.

I've been reading/learning a lot but will have to put this on hold for a bit while I study for my final A.R.E. (structures).  Once that is out of the way I''ll really get into it while waiting for the license to arrive.

I'm thinking about signing up for Jonathan Segal's online class and am doing the coursera class posted above.

Feb 2, 15 1:00 pm
Saint in the City

Shuellmi -- the ARE and real estate courses...?  ya sound a little lazy.  Don't you have some spare evenings to squeeze in a few fencing lessons?


Feb 2, 15 5:36 pm

Wow. Great collection of links. THANKS!!

Feb 2, 15 6:27 pm

ha! haven't done any fencing in quite some time!

Feb 2, 15 8:28 pm
Saint in the City

i'm thinking 4 - 6 unit residential with the idea that this would be an income property. 

Awesome.  Do note that 4 would typically be residential, 5 and up commercial,  which affects financing and other things.  But yes -- definitely pursue ownership, IMO.  

Feb 3, 15 10:36 am

ULI has a ton of interesting webinars archived.  unfortunately their prices are insane

Feb 24, 15 12:27 pm

A wealth of information here

Mar 21, 16 10:15 am

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