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Tonight my two passions, architecture and sportbikes, came crashing together (no pun intended) when I discovered that Portland, OR architect Michael Czysz is attempting to make an American entry to MotoGP.

Who knows what about architropolis and Michael Czysz's motogp bid? Being a UO graduate, I know how close-knit the design community is in Portland, so someone must know what's up.


Dec 4, 04 11:56 pm

Czysz is all about 'maximalism'...Last I heard he was designing houses for Cindy Crawford and a famous music Producer, but that's on the website. He gave a short lecture about his firm when I was in school. He started out doing exhibition booth design in LA. He lived in the same building as Lenny Kravitz before Kravitz hit it big, and that relationship led to the design of one of Kravit's homes...and eventually other 'superstars' named above...

I know he drove a motorcycle into a presentation, (for the W hotel I think?), but I don't know much about this motorcycle thing...

He came accross as pretty down to earth, for being so much about image, some other Ducks will have a better take.

Dec 6, 04 2:31 am  · 

I worked at architropolis. I left architropolis. I can tell you more about it if you email me, I'd rather not post about it on this board.

Czysz is anything but "down to earth." I think he would agree. Motoczysz is his motorcycle company, he's trying to design the "next great american superbike" or something like that.

Technically architropolis is not an architecture firm, they are a design firm. There are no registered architects there.

Dec 6, 04 2:37 am  · 

Hey, enzo76! I am in the same boat. I have lost a little of the "passion" for architecture after being jaded by 7 years of reality. But I'm still working at it. The motorcycle passion started in '98 when I bought my first bike, an '82 Yamaha Virago 750. Since then, I owned a '95 Yamaha Vmax, and then my latest love an '01 Aprilia Falco (14,800 miles and still in love). I've gotten into racing, MotoGP in particular, the past few years, and I just found out about motoczysz this week. I'm pumped about MotoGP coming to Laguna Seca--I just wish it was Barber instead. I live about an hour north of Atlanta, and I did my first track day at Barber.

I don't know much (anything really) about Michael Czysz, but visiting his websites has gotten some of the fire back in me. I'm a Tennessee grad (1997) and I have passed the site exam so far. I took last year off from testing to start a family, a girl born 8/22/03. Next year I plan on finishing up the exams ('plan' being the key word).

I frequently post on with the same username. I just found this website by doing a Google search for Michael Czysz. I guess I could plug my company, too. Hiscutt & Associates in Alpharetta, GA. We've got 11 employees with 1 principal and 1 associate. I find that size to be ideal since I have worked at 2 other firms of 250 and 45, both corporate BS environments. We're working on our website, but it will be up and running in about a month.

(BTW, we are looking to hire a couple of new grads 0-3 yrs. exp.)


Dec 22, 04 11:11 am  · 

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