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Hello everyone, just wondering if anybody would like to check out my portfolio so I can get some feedback in regards to the presentation, projects, etc. It's really meant to be in .pdf format, but I just uploaded it to the ISSUU website so it can be viewable. Also, it's only 7 pages so I'm not sure if the norm for a portfolio is to be around 30 + pages since that's what I've been seeing. I just wanted to keep it as summed up as possible. Thanks in advance.


Aug 30, 14 11:44 pm

Hey it looks good. What is going on with all the weird pilings / foundations in your sections? Are angled piles like a thing in Argentina?

I would cut out 3/4 of the renderings you have and just pick like one for each project and photoshop them a lot to bring life to them. So people, plants, more vivid light, etc. I think as base renders they are fine and then do some work on them to really bring them to life.

I think even though yours is "short" in terms of pages there is just a lot more content crammed onto each page that can be cut. So in short, less images but the images you pick spend time to really bring them up to another level.

Projects themselves look good! You can probably take off the dimensions on your floor plans and lose a bit of the graphic background excess.

Good luck!

Aug 31, 14 10:15 am

There are some nice things going on. The main thing that needs work is that the pages are PACKED with stuff.  Look at curating the content and distilling down to seminal drawings and visuals.  White space is important so that your best work isn't competing for attention.  

Aug 31, 14 12:02 pm

Thanks, is Adobe InDesign the usual for these online portfolios? I was just using Corel and then converting to .pdf.

The pilings really depends on the soil testing and the results of the mechanical resistance. Some of the projects were designed in areas where the soil was clay like in composition so adding inclined pilings helps with the friction ...but, these were just preliminary projects so of course there were no actual studies done, just personal judgement :)

Thanks again!

Aug 31, 14 1:33 pm

I know it's hard to put each project on 1 or 2 pages , here is what i think.

1. Be very selective of what you show i.e. you dont need all elevations if only one render will do the job.
2. Format/fixed layout can imply your lack of creativity, confidence etc. everyone has different view on this though.
3. Process .... you need process
4. Small things like language,  English or Spanish ? project description.

I hope this help.

Aug 31, 14 11:04 pm

Yeah, using InDesign is the default for laying out portfolios (and other parts of the Creative Cloud/Suite to generate the individual items).  But whatever gets you a pdf works. 

Sep 1, 14 8:40 am

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