BS in INTERIOR DESIGN - What should I study for my masters degree?


Hello everyone,

I graduated with a bachelor of science in interior design and I'm planning to continue my studies but I'm very ambivalent. I know that I have MARCH as a one option but I want to know what else is there for me to study other than architecture or interior design. The most thing that I do consider is the creativity and the production part, so definitely I'm not thinking of majors like project management - I think it'll be too boring to study or work as a project manager after you have tried interior design. 


Any suggestions please??? 

Aug 21, 14 9:46 pm
x intern

Best would be business (MBA) but if too boring for you get out of school and go to work.

If you have a degree and don't know what else there is to study (or how to find out)  you probably should ask for your money back.

Aug 22, 14 10:34 am
Non Sequitur

Follow an M.arch if you want to eventually practice as a licensed architect but if you want to stay in the int-des world, go for project management instead. I second Robbmc's second point as well. Too many people chase more schooling...

Aug 22, 14 10:50 am

will I just decided to leave my career, which I did, and focus on completing my studies. I want to have more knowledge in interior design and architecture and my dream is to open my own design office in the future. I guess M.arch would fit me but I was wondering if there are other options for me to go for. 


Any other recommendations?

Aug 22, 14 8:51 pm

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