first professional portfolio for review


what do you think?  first time with mostly professional work.  haven't seen many similar samples.


Jun 21, 11 10:21 am
ingrid dharmawan

hi i think it's good. but imho the graphic is a little bit too stiff for me :(

Jun 30, 11 9:26 am  · 

thanks, I'm glad to get any input

Jun 30, 11 2:04 pm  · 

ok Shuell,

Thanks for sharing your portfolio. i see lots of good projects.

i've seen many portfolios before but i am not impressed by yours.

you need to work more on organizing images (too many per page)  and graphic skills.

and please lose the hand sketches. i don't think it is helping.

look up some car catalogs,  it will help your organizing skills.


Good luck.

Jul 1, 11 1:45 pm  · 

let's see...i don't think you have to show only prof. would be nice to include one or two student/independent projects to show what your individual sensibility is like.

i'd lose the blue text and the sketches.  they aren't helping you much.

i'd also take out the painesville project.  not very interesting, though i doubt that's your fault. :)

put the renderings first for every project, so people know what they are looking at, then the drawings and details.

the cheesecloth model is very nice. 

good luck!


Jul 1, 11 3:39 pm  · 

this might make an ok companion to a set of CD's or CA stuff, the work doesnt inspire me in any way, but maybe someone will give u a job, u seem to be the CA guy

Jul 1, 11 9:34 pm  · 

Understandable, I've been trying to emphasize my 5+ years of work experience rather than the fact that I just recieved an M. Arch.  That is why I don't really show any school work. 

I was offered a job in baltimore last week based on this

Jul 2, 11 1:51 pm  · 
Token AE

I think a portfolio like this will be very polarizing. You will really have to know your audience.

In a more technically focused firm that produces actual built work, this should be getting some solid interest. In a boutiquey avant garde place, it will probably make them confused and then angry.

In academia, people typically harp on appealing to the latter of those two types of firms and you will probably have a difficult time getting support from that crowd. There are also a lot of people on this site (like our very own master of engrish leetecture) that are desperate to get into a school and will shoot down anything you post, while at the same time they will save your portfolio for their own collection when it is time for them to apply. 

From those of us in the more technically focused camp, this is interesting and would certainly lead to interesting conversations in interviews. While this doesn't really show a brilliant creative force, it does show a fair amount of technical competence with a lot of potential in an architect of record type firm. Best of luck.

Jul 2, 11 1:56 pm  · 

I agree with token. Some of the negative comments may be coming from peeps too privileged to have ever taken a grayhound in their lives. Having seen my fair share of busses and trains in my lifetime, I will go out on a limb and say some of these projects are actually very good. There is an art to civic projects that may be lost to those praising the latests ejaculations the likes of BIG or REX. 

A firm that does a lot of civic projects would probably be very interested in interviewing you. Good luck with the Baltimore gig if you end up taking that!

Jul 2, 11 2:11 pm  · 

thanks for the positive feedback.Token and Rusty.    I'll add more personal projects to show my particular aestheic sense. 

Unfrtunalty I couldn't take the job because of my house here.  Can't afford to relocate for less than good pay.

Jul 2, 11 3:23 pm  · 

I don't buy the idea that because you are interested in doing technical work and not design that you shouldn't be careful about how you present yourself. 

Some school work to show that you know how to think on your own as well as take orders is not entirely amiss.

hey rusty! 



Jul 2, 11 6:56 pm  · 

Agree with what's been said. I'd actually like to see a few less floor plans, and a few more technical details. Love seeing that stuff.

You start with the model, which is very visually appealing and it seems like you could end with your best MArch project. I realize you want to emphasize work over school, but you'll have already shown your tech. skills by the end and could end with a studio project that shows who you are as a designer.

Best of luck! I'll be struggling to put something like this together soon.

Hey jump!

Jul 3, 11 5:52 am  · 

Please share portfolio when your done! 

I'm revising now and will probably post a new version in a few weeks

Jul 7, 11 2:06 pm  · 

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